ProductsElectronic Patient Signatures

Create Paperless Patient Registration, Admissions and Bedside Consent Processes

Support ARRA, FTC and E-Discovery Compliance and Reduce Litigation Risk


Collecting traditional, hand-written signatures from patients at registration and bedside requires the use of paper forms, which incur high financial, environmental and productivity costs, delay admission and inhibit information sharing. The forms must then be scanned and manually indexed — a time-consuming process.


With Access e-Signature, patients can securely authorize electronic forms (e-forms) using an LCD signature pad, tablet PC or e-clipboard. This enables hospitals to:


  • Speed patient admissions, registration and bedside consent — improving the patient experience
  • Create a paper-free process by combining electronic forms and e-signatures
  • Capture biometric data plus time and date information that’s easily retrieved for e-Discovery and compliance audits
  • Reduce litigation risk by proving when a patient signed forms
  • Increase patient safety with unalterable, tamper-proof signature capture
  • Support the requirements of HIPAA, ARRA, FTC, JCAHO and other regulatory mandates
  • Remove paper forms from registration and clinical areas


Supporting the Transition to Electronic Health Records

When used with Access’s industry-leading electronic forms on demand solution, Access e-Signature enables hospitals to transform paper-intensive admissions, registration and bedside consent processes into fast, efficient, paperless workflows.


Once a patient applies a secure electronic signature, their forms are immediately included in the patient’s EHR/EMR via the enterprise content/document management (ECM/EDM) system — no scanning or manual indexing needed. This saves time, eliminates the financial and environmental costs of paper forms, and makes completed forms immediately available across the hospital.


Ease of Use and Administration

Anyone who can sign a piece of paper can use Access e-Signature, ensuring fast patient adoption. The user interface leverages Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create a unique, personalized experience. Access e-Signature accepts annotations, highlighting and comments on tablet PCs.


The solution also is easy to manage and maintain. Facilities that do not have an ECM/EDM system can take advantage of server-based storage and retrieval of completed documents. Access e-Signatures also enables continuity if the patient review and signature process is interrupted, allowing administrators to add text to LCD signature pads to match the forms being signed. And unlike many e-signature products, Access’s does not require the use of third-party software on each signature device.


Improving Patient Safety, Reducing Liability Risk, Speeding Compliance Audits

It is almost impossible to ensure the integrity of signatures on hard copies as paper forms move through the hospital. In contrast, Access e-Signature offers a tamper-proof signature and distinct storage locations for biometric documents, captured images and signature documents — making it easy to retrieve them for internal use, audits, release of information and e-Discovery.


This approach, plus features such as automatic time and date stamps, also reduces the hospital’s liability risk and increases patient safety. In addition, Access e-Signature supports compliance with the FTC Red Flag process and ARRA EHR Meaningful Use requirements.