ProductsPaperless Forms (e-forms) and Workflow

Transform Paper-Intensive Forms Processes into Paperless, Secure and Collaborative Ones

Complete e-Forms on the Fly and Bridge Captured Forms Data to ECM and ERP Systems


From human resources to financials to contracts management, your organization has hundreds of paper-heavy processes — new employee onboarding, physician referrals, and capital requests, to name just three. Up to 80% of business-driving documents are forms. When relying on paper versions, business processes are time-consuming, resource-draining and impossible to track.


Hospitals are overcoming this inefficiency with Access’s enterprise electronic forms solution, Access Evolution, which transforms traditional, paper-driven processes into intelligent, secure, collaborative online forms that retain the original structure of paper documents (including government-regulated forms like W-4s, I-9s and compliance-related documentation). Your enterprise could too:


Securely hire a new employee, refer a patient and approve a capital request completely electronically and without paper

  • Instantly retrieve a form with your information automatically filled in
  • Quickly complete the form, authorize it using digital signature
  • Easily add attachments and track the form throughout its lifecycle
  • Send completed forms directly into your enterprise content management system — no scanning or indexing required
  • Automatically update ERP and any other third-party system
  • Send collected data to any database or share it securely via web services
  • Rapidly convert existing documents and create new ones with a simple to use e-form designer


Your Forms, Your Processes, No Paper

Our electronic forms have the same structure as paper versions, without the hassle. You can easily update existing versions and create new forms to meet your needs with our intuitive forms design tool. Electronic processes can be quickly set up to mirror your existing paper-driven ones, and with no learning curve, users will be up and running in no time.


Less Effort, More Speed

Tired of filling in the same information over and over again on forms? The Access solution eliminates this, intelligently mapping data from your user profile onto each form. That way you can quickly complete new information, apply your secure digital signature, and get on with your day. We’ve also made it easy to add attachments to forms — no more staples or paper clips. A user also can save their progress, log off, and complete the form online or offline later.


Collaborative and Transparent

With a paper trail, it’s hard to tell where forms are in the process. With Access Evolution, it’s clear where forms are in the process and what action has been taken. This makes it easier to measure productivity and to eliminate bottlenecks quickly. It also provides an audit trail for regulatory compliance.


Getting More from ERP and ECM

As soon as a form is completed, Access Evolution archives a copy (along with attachments) in the ECM/EDM system — no scanning, indexing or paper involved. Access Evolution also updates the ERP system and any other relevant application in real time, eliminating time-consuming data entry. This seamless integration makes updated forms and data available across the enterprise without delay, and enables organizations to make the most of their ECM/EDM and ERP investments.


The Forms You Want, Faster

With an intuitive graphical forms designer, it’s easy to create and publish electronic versions of your existing forms, to modify these and to create new forms. Once published, the updated version is available to all authorized users in any location immediately, instead of waiting for new hard copies to be designed, shipped and distributed. There are no old versions to worry about — helping ensure regulatory compliance.