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Access Intelligent Forms Suite - Better Educate Patients and Easily Customize Dietary Plans and Menus

Typical dietary management systems allow only limited options for creating and modifying menus, dietary plans and educational materials, putting your hospital's dietary department and your patients at a disadvantage. Access’s electronic forms management solution for the dietary department - part of the industry-leading Access Enterprise Forms Management (EFM) suite - makes it easy for you to design the dietary packets patients need to improve their lives, and to easily change these materials as needed.  

The Access dietary management solution, powered by Access Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS), enables you to easily convert existing materials, make modifications and create new versions. Customizations such as adding a new hospital logo are made simple by an intuitive forms design tool. The risk of associating a dietary plan with the wrong patient is eliminated, as all information is managed in and outputted from a secure electronic system that is tightly integrated with your dietary management application.

The entire dietary management process can be simplified by eliminating time-consuming paperwork-focused steps. With this solution, your facility can:

  • Print personalized plans with patient information already applied
  • Capture output directly from the order system and use this to populate diet plan and menu templates
  • Add educational information to plans that helps patients learn more about their dietary needs
  • Make changes in an intuitive forms designer and apply master form alterations to all plans automatically
  • Create variations in plans that improve patient satisfaction, such as seasonal menus
  • Eliminate handwriting and data entry errors
  • Ensure that patients are being given the menus and diet plans
  • Boost staff productivity by minimizing manual tasks
  • Improve the accessibility and consistency of dietary plans and menus


“Patient satisfaction scores have gone way up since we started using the Access system to manage our menus and diet plans. And because we have the flexibility to add educational content, patients are better informed about their diets, which makes them more comfortable.”

Alice Cronin
Information Systems Administrator
Nyack Hospital