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“With the outbreak of COVID-19, Norman Regional Health System needed a turnkey e-form solution to pre-register patients for our outpatient clinics and for virtual visits. By creating an on-line registration process we will reduce patient time spent in clinic waiting rooms, increase efficiency for clinic healers, and help flatten the curve by decreasing potential exposures for our patients and healers. Access E-Forms was able to assist us in creating a new patient packet that can be sent to patients prior to their visit, completed by the patient in their home, and routed securely back to the appropriate clinic prior to the clinic or virtual visit.”
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Beth Summers
Norman Regional Health System

Let's face it. Paper hurts your hospital, clinicians, and patients.

Paper causes your organization significant problems. It frustrates your staff, and it hurts the patient experience. It costs you time, money, and in many cases your reputation.  

We are the paperless solution you're looking for. We are Access, and we believe you deserve better than paper.

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Social Distancing Means Remote Demo's

These certainly are strange times. HIMSS has been cancelled, we've had many onsite presentations cancelled, etc. We know many of you are experiencing changes to the way you work, and we want to stay in step with that. As a result we've provided a remote demo of our solutions that you can watch on your own time.

Take a look to see how we can convert your difficult paper processes into EHR integrated & tablet-enabled eForm solutions.


Where is your paper problem?

No matter what paper issue you're dealing with we've got your tablet-enabled and EHR integrated solution.


Registration Consents


Clinical Consents


Pre-Registration eSignature Solutions


Back-Office Forms


We start with EHR integration

Asking your Clinicians to leave their EHR experience is never a good thing. We build our solutions to integrate with your EHR system in order to provide a continuous EHR experience.  

Solving your paper problems, saving you money, and making life easier for your Clinicians is the goal.


Our longstanding partnership with MEDITECH is deep and rich. Through our joint development we create meaningful integrated solutions. By the way, MEDITECH is an Access customer too! (CLICK HERE)


Prelude, ClinDoc, Radiant, OpTime, and more. We've got you covered with smooth Epic integration.

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Our Cerner integration keeps your users inside their Cerner experience. If you go to the Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC) you'll find Access there.


Our Simple Three-Step eConsent Process


Step 1 | Shape

Our solutions automatically initiate the Informed Consent process and marry the proper procedure content onto the form.  The forms are then staged inside the patient chart thanks to our seamless EHR integration.


Step 2 | Sign

The eForms can be transferred to a tablet via our EHR integrated "hand-off" feature.  The patient can then intuitively view and eSign their forms right on the tablet.


Step 3 | Send

Once the form is electronically signed it is electronically and automatically sent to the patient's chart for storage and archival.  Lost forms are a thing of the past!

A Customer's Perspective

What's it like to partner with Access eForms to solve your paper challenges? Listen to what these IT leaders have to say.


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Access Passport removes the paper chase we used to have with procedural consents and makes it easier for us to obtain patient and physician signatures simultaneously at the bedside, which helps with compliance.
Kris Wilson
Kris Wilson
Hilo Medical Center | CIO
The Access Passport solution is the best tablet-enabled eConsent solution, period.
Tom Stafford
Halifax Health | CIO
As CIO, I don’t typically rip out systems and replace them. I prefer to optimize what we have. But bringing in Access is a win for us because it allows us to upgrade our forms management technology, gives us the electronic patient signature functionality we need, and helps us get rid of paper hospital wide.
Sheri Rawlings
Sheri Rawlings
San Juan Regional Medical Center | CIO
There used to be patients who had difficulty signing consent forms. Now we’re using Access eSignatures, it doesn’t matter whether they’re lying down or sitting up, what angle they’re at, they’re able to easily sign on the signature pad.
Henry Mayo Logo
Cynthia Salas
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital | Patient Access Services
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