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As the #1 leader in healthcare paperless solutions for over 20 years, Access has helped thousands of hospitals dramatically boost workflow, and improve patient & clinician satisfaction through our EHR integrated, paperless eSignature solutions.

Since our conception in 2001, we've seen the industry of "going paperless" gain momentum and several allies along the way.

Below is a review of the competitors that have followed our path.


How Does Access Stack Up Against the Competition?

We've done the legwork to provide you the research and comparison data amongst our biggest competitors, such as Interlace Health, DocuSign, Taylor Healthcare, and Hyland Onbase, so you can easily decide which eSignature (electronic signature) vendor best suits your needs.

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   Access vs. DocuSign   


Docusign is a great company and they have a wonderful solution. They are used across many applications across a multitude of countries. However, Docusign’s pervasive applications across a broad set of industries is just the start of what separates Docusign as a company and at the solution level from Access eForms. The Docusign eSignature (electronic signature) DocuSign eSignaturesolution set is easy to use, but the lack of focus on the healthcare market becomes quite apparent rather quickly. In Docusign you’ll find little in the way of electronic health record (EHR) integration, enterprise capable form design tools, HL7/ADT integration, enterprise content management (ECM) off-the-shelf integration, and advanced capabilities for capturing patient signatures on digital Informed Consents with procedure-based content. Docusign electronic signature (eSignature) is a wonderful tool for basic eConsent capture for rudimentary processes, but the complications and considerations required for an enterprise capable electronic forms and electronic signature capture solution by healthcare is a reach for any eForms vendor without a specific focus towards healthcare (Docusign included).

   Access vs. Taylor Health   


Taylor Healthcare sits under Taylor Communications which is owned by Taylor Corporation. The Taylor Communications name was formed as the result of Taylor HealthcareTaylor Corp’s acquisition of the bankrupt Standard Register Co. in 2015. Up until 2015 Access eForms only had competition from Standard Register, but that competition almost exclusively lived in the arena of enterprise forms management solutions. Often Standard Register would have employees at the hospital site managing the print shop where they would produce anything from pre-printed forms, to marketing collateral. As Standard Register was consumed by Taylor Corp and shaped into what we now know today as Taylor Communications we have seen increased investment in fully digital solutions.

   Access & Hyland OnBase   


Hyland OnBase has existed for many years serving the healthcare industry (and many other industries too) in the arena of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Access eForms has enjoyed a relationshipHyland OnBase with Hyland OnBase for many years that enables electronically signed and completed documents that occur within Access eForms to be seamlessly transferred to the Hyland OnBase ECM where the completed documents are automatically filed and indexed into the appropriate patient’s record. Furthermore, Access eForms was the primary supplier of electronic forms and patient electronic signature technology to Perceptive Software, makers of ImageNow, who were ultimately acquired by Hyland OnBase in 2017.

Hyland OnBase is a fantastic ECM provider that does offer rudimentary patient electronic signature capabilities that are appropriate for certain applications. Ultimately, patient electronic signature is a minor offering of Hyland that is not of enterprise caliber, thus rendering it’s applications to only a few forms in a few departments.

   Access & MEDITECH   


MEDITECH an electronic medical record (EMR) company that services thousands of hospitals across the globe and has done so for over 50 years. MEDITECH has consistently focused their efforts on the improvements of their core competencies, and has relied on third party companies, such as Access eForms, to supplement their patient MEDITECHelectronic signature and electronic forms needs. MEDITECH officially partnered with Access eForms in 2012 to better enable their customer base to succeed with patient electronic signature endeavors. However, since then the partnership has blossomed in many unique ways. For example MEDITECH purchased the Passport solution from Access eForms in 2016 for the purpose of converting their difficult paper-based human resources forms that were sent though an approval process via interoffice mail envelopes to a fully trackable paperless process. Additionally, MEDITECH recently released their “MEDITECH as a Service” offering which exclusively features the Access eForms patient electronic signature solutions as part of their embedded integrated offering.

   Access & Epic   


Epic Systems, out of Verona WI, is one of the worlds premier electronic medical record (EMR) offerings. You’ll find Epic at the heart of many world-class metropolitan healthcare systems, and research hospitals. Their solutions have always been built with a focusepic_logo towards the clinician experience, and it shows. As part of their broad suite of offerings they do have some patient electronic signature capabilities. These solutions are often somewhat limited in their capabilities, limited in the electronic signature capture devices that can be used, and limited in their abilities to be used for more complex form processes (ex. POLST forms, Informed Consents, and other clinical consents). Epic is a wonderful EMR provider that continues to invest in their core competencies. Access eForms provides enterprise-class patient electronic signature capabilities that integrate seamlessly into the EPIC user interface experience. Integration instructions for the Access eForms solutions within Epic can be found in Epic documentation with Sherlock # 3261659.

   Access & Cerner   


Cerner is a premier electronic medical record (EMR) provider that serves as the technology backbone for numerous world-class healthcare organizations, the United States Department of Defense, the vast majority of the healthcare systems within theCerner_RGB_Standard_ horizontal Middle East, and 99% of the hospitals within Australia. To say the least their solutions play a prolific role in global healthcare. Access eForms powers the Cerner Forms Suite as part of their Enterprise Documentation Management division. The Cerner Forms Suite is aimed at helping their hospitals convert paper-based clinical consents into Cerner integrated paperless solutions that eliminate lost forms, reduce the delays in the Operating Room, and improve patient satisfaction.

However, the story between Access eForms and Cerner goes deeper than the Cerner Forms Suite. Prior to the partnership with Cerner, Access eForms was partnered with Siemens Healthcare to provide enterprise forms management capabilities. In 2015 Cerner acquired Siemens Healthcare and along with that acquisition came the Access eForms partnership which ultimately expanded into Cerner proper.

eSignature Competitive Analysis Chart

Access eForms Hyland Onbase DocuSign Taylor Healthcare




Partnered with MEDITECH
Partnered with Cerner
Competitive Advantages
Enterprise eConsent Capable N/A N/A
eForms Library
Searchable Forms Repository
Easy to Use Form Design Tool
Managed Procedure Content
Dynamic Content/Logos
Patented Barcode Hand-off to Tablet
Centralized Multi-Hospital Management Capable N/A
Forms Design Committee Control & Management
Best of Breed Elsivier Content
Capitol Purchasing Options
Subscription Purchase Options N/A
Competitive Replacements N/A
Barcoded Wristband N/A
Form Completion Tracking
Multi-Signature Workflow Capable
Minimal Server Footprint N/A
Registration Packet
Remote Patient Send Capability N/A N/A
Features & Capabilities
Workflow/Rules N/A
Enterprise Print Management
Downtime Forms Solutions N/A
Form Design Services
On-prem Deployment Option N/A
Cloud Deployment Option N/A
OnDemand Printing
Check Printing
Optimal Character Recognition
Ambulatory Capable
Security & Support
Security (SOC3) N/A N/A
24-7 Support N/A
Secure & Accessible to Clinicians
NIST Accrediation N/A N/A
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