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Success Story - Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

“With Access’s e-forms on demand solution, we save over $200,000 a year in the print shop alone.”

- Kent Hoyos, PVHMC CIO


Access the full case study below

Download Pomona Valley Case Study


Streamlining the Consent Process - Hilo Medical Center of HCA

“We’ve got the second busiest ER in Hawaii, and so stopping patients at the desk to fill out and sign paper forms was a real issue,” Wilson said.

“With Access e-signatures, shortstay patients can sign electronically right at the bedside, meaning they get the care they need without being slowed down by paperwork. The Access system also saves time for the HIM team as the consent goes right into the MEDITECH EHR.”

- Kris Wilson, Regional Director


Access the full case study below

Download Hilo Medical Center Case Study


Improving Document Tracking & Materials Management - San Juan Regional Medical Center

“In the ICU, they typically generate about 600 pages per stay,” Rawlings said. “With the Access system, we’re no longer having to print that off and scan it every time, so we’re eliminating ream after ream of paper in the ICU alone. We average 48,000 visits in our ED every year, so there’s a big paper savings there, too.”

- Sheri Rawlings, San Juan Regional Medical Center CIO


Access the full case study below

Download San Juan Regional Case Study


Improving Patient Engagement - Freeman Health System

“My personal motivation is to improve our engagement with patients plus reduce their wait times and stress,” said Rollins.

"Using Access, MEDITECH and some of our other vendors, we’re making that patient experience a more streamlined, organized and efficient process.”

-Skip Rollins, Freeman Health CIO


Access the full case study below

Download Freeman Health System Case Study


Reducing Patient Anxiety & Improving Information Sharing - Norman Regional Health System

““Forms conversion was simple and Access delivered everything they promised,” Meharg
says. “They care about their customers and are looking for ways to continually improve...”

“With the Access solution, clinicians on the floor and staff in the billing office and HIM can retrieve the patient information they need, rather than waiting for folders to be passed around,” Meharg says.

“Data is available in real time and that has a positive impact patient

- John Meharg, Norman
Regional HIT Director


Access the full case study below

Download Norman Regional Case Study

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