Enhance your paperless initiatives with Additional Features.

In addition to streamlining the way you collect, manage, sign and distribute forms, Access offers more features that improve your daily routines. While they don’t fit perfectly into our four product categories, they work seamlessly with everything we do.

Improves business continuity

Provides insight into your system

Enhances staff productivity

Launch web properties from one view

If you use Access Passport to manage all of your forms in one place, you can add the ability for users to launch third-party web-based applications, URLs, files and so on from within Passport. These external links can be secured, and Passport can work with the authentication method of the linked applications so users only have to sign in once.

download the data sheet
Generate reports about eForms
Get an in-depth look at system usage

Inside Access Passport is the ability to analyze your enterprise forms management system with usage reports, eForm statistics and audit logs. This supports your compliance initiatives, helps identify bottlenecks and improves accountability.

Enhance positive patient ID practices

You’ve likely adopted several systems that improve safety by encouraging positive patient identification (PPID). However, your PPID initiative may be lacking a vital component: wristband bar-coding linked to eForms. Access’s patient labeling system enables you to output bar-coded wristbands at the point of admission that match those on the patient’s eForms with minimal user effort. This process improves the availability of current, accurate patient data and reduces patient risk—among other benefits.

Bar-coded forms
Process payments with

If you’re one of the 375,000+ merchants who rely on to process credit card and e-check payments, you certainly know the importance of secure, reliable and user-friendly technology. We do too. It’s the reason we’ve partnered with to offer an integrated online forms product (FormPay) that empowers your customers to submit payments from anywhere on any device—with ease and confidence.

Print checks across the enterprise

Our enterprise check printing software offers organizations the flexibility to print checks on blank check safety paper. By printing high-quality checks on demand from any compatible laser printer (instead of a single printer configured for check stock, as most organizations do), you can further reduce storage costs and eliminate waste from outdated checks. The ability to use any printer also ensures business continuity in payroll, accounts payable and materials management.

In addition, Access makes it easy to apply changes to the MICR line and add customizations such as an organization’s logo with little effort. Checks also can be sent into workflow using business logic, such as a VP reviewing all AP checks over $10,000.


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