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7 min read

5 Steps for Hospitals to Quickly Check the Security of 3rd Party Vendors

Introduction Our last few blogs have highlighted a number of highly-publicized data breaches that have seriously impacted the healthcare industry....

6 min read

Access Monthly Poll Results | Tradeshows and Their Relevance in the Healthcare Sector


As COVID-19 has caused countless tradeshows and events to be cancelled or postponed, we have seen an industry-wide push to go virtual,...

8 min read

Access Healthcare Security Series Discover How Protected Records Are Accessed

Introduction As technology continues to advance, the world becomes increasingly connected. Advances in information and communication technology have...

4 min read

Access Monthly Poll Results | PHI Data Security and Two Critical Points of Understanding

Introduction As a digital healthcare technology company, we have a great appreciation for the complex business challenges and requirements for...

7 min read

Why Hospitals Need More Than a One-Dimensional Patient Electronic Signature Solution

If you ask a hammer to be a screwdriver, then you are setting the hammer up for failure and you're going to be disappointed with the results. It's a...

7 min read

Healthcare’s Top 3 Security Breaches with 9 Key Takeaways

In our last blog, we looked at the impact of security breaches on the healthcare industry. This week, we will cover the top three health-care related...

8 min read

Healthcare CyberSecurity & the Shocking Truth About 3rd Party Vendor Risk

As you might imagine, the healthcare industry is a prime target for cybercriminals. In fact, healthcare accounted for 76.59% of all data security...

6 min read

"WHAT ABOUT MY OVARIES?" Part 4 | The Importance of Procedure Content in Plain Language

Over the past few weeks, we have covered how a single paper-based informed consent process experienced failures at every possible turn, and today we...

14 min read

"What About my Ovaries?" Part 1 | A Case Study Series Where it All Went Wrong

A CASE STUDY SERIES WHERE IT ALL WENT WRONG & What You Need to learn from others mistakes

Like the famous Swiss cheese that Wisconsin is known for,...

11 min read

Even The Best Technologies Fail | The Value of Professional Services

When we think of a successful technology project, we often consider whether the technology is functioning as intended, but that is only half of the...