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11 min read

Are Patient Consent Forms a Vector for Transmitting COVID? Here’s the Science

New studies coming out of Australia now suggest that COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to 28 days. This alarming news poses significant...

14 min read

Top 5 Concerns Driving Your Contactless Check-In Initiatives

Last week, we provided a two-part webinar series on enterprise patient electronic signature solutions for hospitalsPart one focused on extending...

17 min read

Six Common Mistakes with Informed Consents that Lead to Medical Malpractice

Our society has become much more litigious over the years. We see it on the news, we hear about it more and more, and we simply feel this to be true. 

1 min read

The Access Points Podcast: Tools, Habits, & Ideas for Peak Performance

Have you heard that our podcast, Access Points Podcast, recently hit 100,000 downloads? 


Through this podcast, our leadership team discusses tools,...

9 min read

Top 6 Problems with Paper Consent Forms

For ages, hospitals and healthcare systems have operated on paper for all clinical documentation and patient-facing documents. Due to the evolution...

24 min read

The 20-Year Evolution of Patient Electronic Signatures

Do you remember your first cell phone? I looked at the device with a fair amount of awe and considered it to be borderline magic that I could call...

16 min read

Fear | Circling the Wagon vs. Innovating

Partnerships are born during uncertain times. Everyone else is just a regular vendor. 

Let us be clear about something right out of the gate; these...

51 min read

Top 10 Telehealth Benefits and Challenges Concerning Hospitals

As telehealth proves to be a cost-effective and safe beacon of hope for the patient that would otherwise not receive care, it is also a solution for...

11 min read

The Best Telehealth Room Design for Your Clinicians

Once you have decided that virtual care is a critical next step for your hospital, it is important and necessary to explore the environmental aspects...

19 min read

Best Practices for Building a Telehealth Team Now

The Essential Resource Guide to Hospital-Enabled Virtual Care | Clinician Champions, Team Structure, & Training - Part 3 of 5

Other Blogs in this...
19 min read

Step-by-step Telehealth Business Case Strategy & Grant Funding Resources

Part 2 of 5: step-by-step business case & grant funding


As the health care industry faces historic financial losses and a recession due to the...

20 min read

Pre-registration & Telehealth Consent form Strategy

Part 1 of 5: Pre-registration & Telehealth Consent Strategy

 As hospitals look towards the “post COVID-19” future, they are shifting their focus to...