Access and Halifax Health: Boosting Clinician and Patient Satisfaction


Access and Halifax Health have been on a paperless journey since 2012. One of the benefits of our long-term partnership is that we’ve made strides together – including two big “firsts” we just announced.

Access seamlessly integrates into MEDITECH Expanse

To start, we recently shared that the Access eForms user interface now seamlessly integrates into the MEDITECH Expanse Enterprise Health Record. The new feature means Halifax Health clinicians can launch the Access Informed Consent paperless solution seamlessly from within Expanse.

Rather than forcing a user to leave the EHR to use the Access application, their Expanse experience is virtually extended. This transition from MEDITECH Expanse to Access is seamless and enhances the workflow of Halifax Health clinicians.

Tom Stafford, the hospital’s CIO, explained why blending the Access solution into the MEDITECH EHR is a game-changer for clinicians at the Daytona Beach, Fla., provider.

“The integration of Access into MEDITECH Expanse may sound like a technicality but it means our clinicians can spend less mental energy juggling between applications and more time on patient care,” said Stafford. “While the switch in applications may not be visible to the user, our clinicians can definitely feel the benefit of fewer clicks and a more streamlined workflow.”

Access expands clinical footprint at Halifax Health

The second “first” we just announced is that Access expanded its footprint beyond Halifax Health’s Registration department to include two clinical areas. Access is now in the MEDITECH-integrated and tablet-enabled electronic Informed Consent solutions in the provider’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab and its Anesthesiology department.

With the growth to other parts of the hospital, Halifax Health clinicians can now use tablets at the bedside to present Informed Consents to patients for their review and electronic signature. This eliminates the risk of missing paper forms, as well as the potential for delayed procedures.

“When you can improve on-time starts in the OR, make the surgical staff happier, reduce risk and improve the patient experience all in one go, that’s a tremendous win,” said Stafford. “The MEDITECH integrated Informed Consent solution from Access is the catalyst driving all this positive change. Access eForms is the best Informed Consent solution, period.”

Our partnership with Halifax Health spans more than seven years. But I’m confident that we’ll have many more of these “firsts” to share as the hospital continues on its paperless journey.


About The Author - Cody Strate

For more than 10 years, Cody has helped healthcare organizations worldwide eliminate the costs and risks of paper through e-forms and e-signature solutions. In addition to helping others achieve their paperless goals, Cody finds time to put his biochemistry degree to work in the kitchen testing out new recipes on his unsuspecting family.

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