Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor

Regardless of the challenge—climbing 14ers (peaks taller than 14,000 feet) or eliminating the mountains of paperwork in hospitals—Brandy is determined to reach the summit. She combines her drive with a commitment to helping others achieve their goals the old fashioned way, with honesty, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy.

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Implement Patient eSignature in These Two Areas ASAP | Part 1 - Registration

By Brandy Taylor on Nov 6, 2018

It’s a given that a patient’s hospital journey starts with a pile of paper in Registration.

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End of Life Documentation: How eForms ease a difficult process

By Brandy Taylor on May 31, 2018

Care providers clearly understand the importance of completing patient documentation accurately. One distinctly sensitive instance of this truth is in end-of-life discussions, where information accuracy is paramount, not just to physicians and patients, but also the patient’s family members. 

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Help Your Employees Roll with the Changes

By Brandy Taylor on Apr 16, 2018

If you look up the word “change” in the dictionary, it has several different meanings.  Merriam-Webster’s definition of CHANGE includes:

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How eForms Give Surgeons and Patients What They Want

By Brandy Taylor on Apr 12, 2018

Surgeons are truly a special type of people. I not only worked for a surgeon (as a nanny) in my younger years, but have the pleasure of being close friends with a couple of amazing surgeons now. A few words come to mind when thinking about a surgeon: driven, dedicated, get-it-done, no nonsense, growth-oriented, pro-change (if it makes sense). Overall, I think we can all agree that surgeons like to get things done—and get it right the first time. And we are all thankful for that. 

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How Integrated Healthcare Systems Impact the Patient Experience

By Brandy Taylor on Mar 29, 2018

Over the past 40 years, hospital stays have become shorter and the volume of admissions has fallen despite the tremendous population growth in the U.S. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that Americans spent one-third fewer days in hospitals in 2013 than in 1975.

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How San Juan Regional Medical Center Improved Compliance & Patient Engagement by Switching eForms and Electronic Signatures Vendors

By Brandy Taylor on Jan 18, 2018

Has a friend ever told you one of those customer service horror stories about an airline, cell service provider or cable company that made you think, “I’d NEVER choose to work with them”? Well, San Juan Regional Medical Center has a similar tale to tell about their electronic signatures and eForms vendor.

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Is Your eForms + Electronic Signatures Solution Driving You Nuts? We’ve Got a Better Way…

By Brandy Taylor on Jan 17, 2018

When you selected your eForms and electronic signatures solution, we bet you had high hopes for going paperless, improving patient care, service and satisfaction and speeding everyday processes. But somewhere along the way, things didn’t go according to plan. What you really got was outdated, clunky technology that is difficult to use and harder to manage, and actually makes your daily tasks even more complicated than back in the ink-on-paper days.

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Planes, Trains and Paperless Forms

By Brandy Taylor on Apr 12, 2017

At the risk of exposing my age, one of my favorite movies is a classic from the 1980s, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” The comedy features legends Steve Martin and John Candy, the two main characters whose personalities are completely opposite of one another. Martin plays an uptight advertising executive and Candy is a disheveled shower curtain ring salesman.

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Welcome to THE Show—HIMSS17

By Brandy Taylor on Feb 20, 2017

Take a moment and think back (for some of you, waaay back) to your first HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. For some, your first HIMSS experience is a great time where connections are made and knowledge is gained. For other first-timers, who are easily pegged by their classic deer-in-the-headlights look as they wander around, not so much.

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