Cody Strate

Cody Strate

For more than 15 years, Cody has provided sales and marketing leadership with the goal of providing the smoothest, easiest, and most pleasurable customer experience imaginable. Cody is a Forbes Communication Council member and lives in Colorado with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

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Fear | Circling the Wagon vs. Innovating

By Cody Strate on Aug 5, 2020

Partnerships are born during uncertain times. Everyone else is just a regular vendor. 

Let us be clear about something right out of the gate; these are uncertain and worrisome times. We are dealing with a global pandemic that has caused a seismic shift in hospitals across the country. Elective procedures are being cancelled, revenues are down, many hospitals are downsizing staff, and let us not forget the contagion healthcare workers are trying to treat and keep under control. The downstream effects and repercussions of what is happening at hospitals are far-reaching for our industry. Fear is a natural, understandable, and logical response to a situation such as this. It is okay to be afraid, concerned, and worried. However, the question we must consider is, what do we do going forward? How will we choose to respond, and to what end will we direct our thoughts, energy, and actions? 

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Total Telehealth & The Grant to Pay for it Now

By Cody Strate on Jun 1, 2020

Apart from “pandemic,” the word “telehealth” is likely to be one of the biggest buzzwords of 2020, and for good reason. Telehealth has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of the pandemic in an effort by the healthcare industry to serve patients wherever they are, provide treatment, and reduce the chance of spreading the massively infectious COVID-19 virus. I personally had my very first virtual visit two weeks ago, and it was fantastic! Never again will I suffer the waiting room as a first step to my own personal care. Telehealth visits are likely to be a novel experience for many, but it will soon transition to be the operative norm going forward as we all approach a post-coronavirus “new normal.”

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A New Normal: Rethinking Elective Procedures & Informed Consents

By Cody Strate on May 12, 2020

As the United States starts to find a collective footing on the backside of the global coronavirus pandemic, a new sense of “normal” is emerging. These times are challenging not only because of the complete upheaval of our everyday lives and all the stress and fear that goes along with that, but also because we are confronted with the challenge of figuring out how to appropriately operate businesses.  

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The Telehealth Paradigm Shift in a Post-Pandemic World

By Cody Strate on Apr 28, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic exposed a great number of vulnerabilities in the US Healthcare system, from supply chain issues to bed surge readiness to local, state, and federal coordination. As hospitals reeled with the sudden and unprecedented demands placed on their systems, they were forced to respond in a largely reactionary way. They did what they had to in the moment to take care of the largest volume of patients they could effectively carry while simultaneously protecting their healthcare workers from a virus with no sound treatment protocol.

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Norman Regional Health System implements zero-contact registration process

By Cody Strate on Apr 16, 2020

Experts say to combat COVID-19, it’s important to clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces. Studies show that some strains of the virus can live up to three days on steel and plastics, up to four days on furniture, and up to five days on glass, ceramics and paper.

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Access Launches COVID-19 Rapid Response eForms Program | Electronic Forms in 24-48 Hours

By Cody Strate on Apr 7, 2020


We’ve heard story after story from hospitals about the shortage of ventilators needed for COVID-19 patients, as well as how their exhausted clinicians are using trash bags to protect themselves when caring for those with the virus. Through the years, the Access team has formed relationships and friendships with our customers, and amid this global health crisis, we feel compelled to do anything and everything we can to help.

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How to Build A Business Case for eSignature in the Clinical Setting

By Cody Strate on Mar 20, 2020

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How to Build A Business Case for eSignature in Registration

By Cody Strate on Mar 12, 2020

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Throwback: Why Infection Control and Tablets Go Hand-in-Hand for Hospitals

By Cody Strate on Mar 4, 2020

News of coronavirus continues to dominate headlines. The virus that started in Wuhan, the capitol of Hubei province in China, has sickened about 83,000 and sadly, taken the lives of more than 2,800 people around the world. It’s wreaked havoc on stock markets, brought local economies to grinding halts and resulted in the cancellation of major events.

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Big News: Cerner Forms Suite Powered By Access

By Cody Strate on Feb 24, 2020

We’re winding down our February webinar series and ramping up for HIMSS, March 9-12 in Orlando, Fla.

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Survey Says: More Hospitals Positioned to Adopt Bedside eSignature Solutions, Tablets

By Cody Strate on Feb 17, 2020

In the second segment of our webinar series, we asked participants from about 100 hospitals nationwide to tell us about their patient experience at Registration. Specifically, if they’re using paper Informed Consents or if their hospital has an eSignature solution.

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Access Webinar Series: Bedside eSignature Solutions and Seamless EHR Integration

By Cody Strate on Feb 17, 2020

MEDITECH and Epic users, our webinar series this week is just for you. (Don’t worry Cerner hospitals; we see you!)

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