Cody Strate

Cody Strate

For more than 10 years, Cody has helped healthcare organizations worldwide eliminate the costs and risks of paper through e-forms and e-signature solutions. In addition to helping others achieve their paperless goals, Cody finds time to put his biochemistry degree to work in the kitchen testing out new recipes on his unsuspecting family.

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Three Keys to a Successful Tablet Rollout in Your Hospital

By Cody Strate on Jan 28, 2020

Can you imagine driving to a new place without GPS? We rely on Google Maps, Waze and other apps to get us where we want to go quickly and efficiently.

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OR Delays Cost Hospitals Time and Money

By Cody Strate on Jan 23, 2020

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Survey Says: What Hospitals are Watching in 2020 and Beyond

By Cody Strate on Jan 17, 2020

The start of a new year – and a new decade – has many of us planning for the months and years ahead. January is a popular time to make health care goals for ourselves. The number of weight loss and gym ads you’ll see just by watching a half-hour of TV proves that.

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How to Prevent Tablets from Spreading Infection in Your Hospital

By Cody Strate on Dec 19, 2019

The Centers for Disease Control says it’s the heart of flu season, which means when someone infected with the virus coughs, sneezes or even talks, they’re at risk of spreading the flu. While the timing and duration of flu season differs each year, the CDC says it typically starts in the fall and goes through the winter months.

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Reduce Wear and Tear on your Hospital's Patient Bedside Tablets

By Cody Strate on Dec 5, 2019

It’s probably safe to say that the last time most of us drove a rental a car, we didn’t treat it with the same care and respect we would’ve had it been our own vehicle. We may have nicked a few curbs, left the sunroof open in the rain or even had an unfortunate spill in the front seat. That we didn’t clean up.

After all, unless there was major physical damage – think bigger than a door ding – we had no real accountability to the next person who’d drive the vehicle.

Once we pulled into that rental car bay, put the car in park and handed over the keys, it was back to our daily lives – where we’d only think of treating our personal cars with care.  

It’s a similar situation when it comes to implementing tablets – iPads, Surfaces, etc., – in hospitals.

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Watch: How to pick the right tablet and accessories for your hospital

By Cody Strate on Nov 14, 2019


Part 1: Stylus comparison for the best patient electronic signature experience

Your hospital wants to evolve from standard LCD panels to tablets that give you the mobility to capture patient bedside electronic signatures. Picking the right tablet is essential but it’s just the start. Equally as important is selecting the right accessories to go with the device. After all, these decisions can have a big impact on patient satisfaction.

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10 Things Healthcare Professionals Must Consider to Ensure a Successful Tablet Initiative

By Cody Strate on Oct 25, 2019

Is your hospital considering a tablet initiative? Implementing iPads, Surfaces or Galaxies in your hospital’s Registration or clinical departments probably sounds simple. But the choices don’t stop once you pick a device brand and model. In fact, selecting the actual tablet just might be the easiest part.

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