Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott

Listening to customers’ needs and finding solutions to help them has always been Tim’s focus and the reason he founded Access. Under his guidance and direction as CEO, Access has become one of the fastest growing companies in its field, offering customers and partners an unmatched level of innovation and support. Tim’s emphasis on integrity and quality is woven into every interaction, project and activity the company is involved with.

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Thank You, Healthcare Workers

By Tim Elliott on Nov 26, 2020

As we approach this year's Thanksgiving holiday, the general 2020 theme of “yeah this is not great” is looming heavy. If you are like me, I am sure your Thanksgiving holiday is going to be a bit less “traditional” than in years before. My version of the “traditional Thanksgiving is spent with loved ones, sharing stories, throwing around the football and consuming a wonderful feast followed by the ceremonial loosening of the belts.  

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Access Team

By Tim Elliott on Nov 26, 2019


Before we (over) indulge in our Thanksgiving meal, fall asleep on the couch while watching football, avoid talking politics with loved ones or make those first Black Friday purchases, the Access team wants to say thank you.

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Are you listening? Tips to finding the right podcasts for you.

By Tim Elliott on Jul 18, 2019

Did you know there are more than 750,000 podcasts and 30 million episodes available for you to listen to? Yes, you heard that right.

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An "Epic" HIMSS18 Tees Up a Big Year Ahead

By Tim Elliott on Apr 5, 2018

I look forward to HIMSS every year, but this year was special. Usually, I get to see old friends, visit with our customers that we’ve grown close with over the years, and get a picture of what various tech vendors are pitching right now. And because we are a virtual company, it is one of the few times each year that a big part of our Access team is all together in one place. It’s a great opportunity to re-energize for the year ahead!

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Giving Thanks for Relationships

By Tim Elliott on Nov 22, 2017

This Thanksgiving the thing I’m most grateful for is relationships. Material things and "stuff" tend to get old and we feel like we need something bigger or better in order to make us happy.

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Is HIMSS Really Over?

By Tim Elliott on Mar 2, 2017

While HIMSS week seems to pass by so quickly, memories of the 2017 conference will last throughout the year for several reasons. The first was getting to meet many new prospects and partners. It also was great to catch up with old buddies, some of whom have been going to the show almost as long as our President Mark Johnston (37 years, back when HIMSS was focused on radiology imaging and other non-computer technology) and CTO Chuck Demaree (26 years, with his beard hair showing each year like rings on a giant redwood tree).

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