Be Better


Being the ripe old age of 28 now, I am beginning to gather some wisdom that I didn’t seem to possess in my college years or early 20s. One of the nuggets that has taken hold is the idea that with everything you do, try to do it better than the last time you did it.

This new way of thinking has helped me to become more intentional. Instead of acting out of habit, going with the flow or taking the easiest route, I pause and consider how I could do things better. This applies to all areas of my life, from the way I cook breakfast in the morning to the way I wake my daughter up each day to how I introduce myself on electronic forms and signatures demos—and the list goes on and on based on my actions throughout a typical day.

Since I’ve applied this mantra, goals are more reachable. My family is happier. My success rate with work has improved immensely. It keeps me from being complacent or stale. I am constantly trying to improve.

Kiffer and his extended CrossFit family who motivate each other to get better, faster and stronger every day.


What if everyone applied this idea? How could things in our world improve?

Before your next call, before your next workout, before your next meal, before you walk into your house at the end of the day, before you put your kids to sleep—I challenge you to ask yourself, “What could I do to be better?”

About The Author - Kiffer Davis

As a current customer advisor for Access, Kiffer consults with hospitals to optimize their e-forms management strategies across the enterprise in clinical and nonclinical areas. He combines extensive experience in data collection, integration and automation solutions with an in-depth technical background, holding an MIS degree from Baylor University.

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