Change Is Right Around the Corner


When I graduated preschool, we were forced to stand in front of our classmates and family members as our teacher revealed what we wanted to be when we grew up. The teacher called on me, read off a couple of accolades, and then finally announced, “When Clayton gets older, he would like to become a fire truck.” (Yes, you read that right, I wanted to be a FIRE TRUCK not a fireman).

Of all the things I could have chosen to write on that paper that day, I chose to be a truck? It was even before Shia LaBeouf starred in Transformers, so I have no clue where I got the idea from. Miraculously, I never changed into a fire truck, but there definitely were some major changes in front of me.

After graduating from high school, I went to college in a completely new state. It was a nerve-racking time for me, as I was still just 17 when I arrived on campus. It was the first time I would be on my own—something most kids dream of until they are a week into college and have an empty gas tank, no money and ramen cooking on the stove.

I lived in an old dorm room, thankfully with three really good friends, where the bathroom divided both common rooms that we shared. The worst part about the dorm? The bunk beds. If you can imagine the scene from the movie Step Brothers when Dale and Brennan built bunk beds—that’s what ours were like. Needless to say, college was a transformative experience that I’ll never forget and I met numerous lifetime friends there. But it took a big, initial leap of faith to change where I lived and where I was going.

Fast-forward 5 years, I had just graduated from college and was living back at home when Access hired me. Once again, I was facing a change—moving to another state. Naturally though, I jumped at the opportunity, grabbing a dumpster-size trash bag of Red Bull and took off on the 28-hour drive to Dallas. To this day, that decision was one of the biggest and best changes I have made in my life. There were struggles at times, but anything that you are passionate about comes with obstacles, because you care.

I continue to work on the current customer account management team, and I am fortunate enough to speak with a ton of hospitals who want so badly to transform their paper forms processes into paperless ones. Change like that is never easy at first, and frankly it can make people nervous or uncomfortable.

However, when hospitals make the change to the right electronic forms and electronic signature platform—like our transformative software, Access Passport— the concern quickly turns into saving time, cutting costs, improving care and eliminating lost forms.

About The Author - Clayton Homme

A former college football player, Clayton is adept at tackling the paper challenges that hospitals face. He works with current customers to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their e-forms and e-signature solutions. Clayton also analyzes MVPs (most valuable processes)—enhancing customers’ clinical and administrative workflows.

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