For the past two years, Cooper University Health Care has used Access eForms solutions in its Registration department. And, since ditching paper for digital forms, the provider has seen some impressive results. Cooper now captures more than 20,000 patient electronic signatures each week, and has eliminated more than 4.5 million pieces of paper.

It’s a win-win-win because the simple act of having patients sign a digital document at Registration – instead of a hospital paper form – is saving time, money and trees.

But that’s just the start of the benefits.

Improving the patient experience

Cooper CIO and senior vice president, Jayashree Raman, is one of Becker’s 105 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know. Cooper relies on Epic’s electronic medical record, and Raman said the ability of Access solutions to seamlessly integrate into that EMR has enhanced patient experience.

Once a patient’s Registration forms are digitally completed and signed, they’re automatically integrated into the Epic EMR. Clinicians, billing staff and other authorized hospital personnel can access the signed electronic forms right away.

“Saving over a million pieces of paper per year is reducing both our costs and our environmental impact,” said Raman. “Implementing Access Passport in patient Registration alongside Epic has enabled us to speed admissions, improve the patient experience and create the foundation to move forward with a mobile eForms solution.”

‘It will feel like they never left Epic’

Once it was clear the positive impact Access eForms solutions had in Cooper’s Registration department, Raman and her team started looking for other areas of the hospital to install the technology. They zeroed in on Informed Consents in the Oncology and Surgical Services departments.

The provider wanted to make the Informed Consents digital, fillable and signable. The goal was to minimize human error by having required fields and dynamic required fields. The hospital also wanted the Informed Consent to be available as a mobile form on a tablet, in order to provide a better patient experience. Plus, Raman said she wanted a solution that provided clinicians with as much of an Epic-centric experience as possible.

Access checked all the boxes for Cooper. The provider is now expanding its use of Access eForms to the Oncology and Surgical Services departments.

“With Access Passport, clinicians will be able to launch Informed Consents directly from Epic and seamlessly ‘hand-off’ these forms to tablets. To the clinician, it will feel like they never left Epic, which is exactly what we want,” said Raman. “Patients will be able to view and complete an intuitive form on a tablet. They will be able to quickly complete and electronically sign Informed Consents easily at the bedside. This is the patient experience we’re looking for.”

By moving from paper to electronic Informed Consents in Oncology and the Surgical Services departments, Raman said Cooper will be able to reduce the possibility for human error and misplaced forms. “This will result in meaningful efficiencies and provide a better experience for both our clinicians and patients.”

Access is proud to have Cooper as a customer, and to play a part in helping them advance their paperless journey! 

Cody Strate

Written by Cody Strate

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