Customer Care or Couldn’t Care Less?


A lot of companies claim that they take care of their customers, offer responsive service and do whatever it takes to keep clients happy. Some might even have some quotes “massaged” by their marketing teams to back up these assertions. But when the rubber meets the road, is there any substance to these claims or are they just a lot of hot air?

One of our recent customer success stories could’ve ended differently. The hospital in question was all set to go with one of our competitors, who provided the obligatory list of references. But when they sent the prospect on a site visit to see their eForms and electronic patient signatures solution in action, things took an unexpected turn.

“We went on a site visit for our initial vendor of choice and when I asked our host if he liked their electronic signatures provider he said, ‘No. Have you talked to Access?’” explained Woman’s Hospital Patient Access Manager Carla Tarver.

Running from a vendor whose site visit goes bad is one of the best IT decisions you can make.


She took this advice and it soon became clear that one of these companies was not like the other. When Carla visited an Access customer, it was obvious to her that Access didn’t just talk the customer-first talk—we walked the walk as well.

“The Access customer we visited had only good things to say about the company and their electronic signatures and eForms solutions,” Carla said.

Once Woman’s Hospital changed their minds and decided to go with Access instead, they had a very ambitious timeline to get their eForms and electronic patient signatures system live. Could Access deliver? Again, the results speak for themselves.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how fast the deployment was and that Access was able to meet our deadline,” Tarver said. “The consultant stayed on-site with us until we felt comfortable, and that’s something you just don’t find with many vendors. Access has set a new standard for customer service, and now I’m going to expect more from our other vendors, too. Anytime we get a new product I’m going to ask, ‘Are you going to help get us up and running like Access did?’”

Instead of having patients fill in and sign each page of a paper forms packet and then have staff scan it all in, Woman’s Hospital enables patients to quickly complete eForms and apply secure electronic signatures. The authorized documents are then automatically routed and indexed in the electronic health record (EHR) via MEDITECH’s Scanning and Archiving system.

“The Access solution is great for everyone—our staff, our hospital and our patients,” Carla said.

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