When we think of a successful technology project, we often consider whether the technology is functioning as intended, but that is only half of the story. Just as to err is human” is often said regarding the propensity of the inevitable failings of humans, “to break is to technology” could be said of the technology humans create. When technologies fail, however, the value of quality professional services saves the day.  

Technology & Judging a Book by Its Cover 

All too often, we assume that the totality of what sits in front of us can be quickly judged by what we see. The same can be said when evaluating technology brought in to solve a hospital’s problem. This is naturalthe sales process is carefully designed to present solutions in the best possible light and influence the audience’s emotional state. When you see the technology solution in this way, your expectations are naturally aligned with the idea that the technology will be able to magically solve all your problems. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  

People Make Partnerships 

The execution of an innovative technology project comes down to a lot more than the capabilities of the technology. Your organization must work with people on the vendor side to bring the promised value othe technology to life, and it is the quality of these people that can cause tremendous happiness and satisfaction--or pain and misery. The same thing can also be said for the people you have to engage with during the support process. Technology is great until it is not, and that is when you must call the support team from your vendor to solve the problem.  

There are few situations in the world that are as infuriating as being in a compromised position, needing to get some support, and dealing with people who couldn’t care less. Conversely, when you are in your time of need it feels so good to work with people who care about your situation. Working with people that can empathetically understand your situation and you feel they are doing their absolute best to help resolve your issue. In the end what we all really want is to have our problem solved and when things go wrong, we want to work with people who actually care to help us solve those problems. It is in these situations when the relationship between a vendor and a user transcends to a partnership. people make partnerships, not technology solutions.  

Lessons Learned | Down & Back Again 

Our company has been around for over 20 years helping hospitals convert their paper-based processes into fully electronic processes. Today we offer the only healthcare purpose built patient electronic signature platform that can cover all electronic signature needs throughout the entire T of the hospital. During our 20 years we have come to acutely appreciate the value our customers place on genuine human relationships experienced through professional services.  

We know this all too well because frankly for many years we were great, then we were not. if we are being honest there was a period where we inadvertently strayed from providing the quality professional services our customers had come to expect. In turn we saw the happiness and satisfaction of our new and existing customers decline. Customers who were new voiced their frustration, but what really hurt was the customers that we have had a long time whom we have a great relationship with expressed disappointment. it really shook us when people that are our customers but are our friends told us we had decline in this area. It was at that point we made a conscious shift to focus on providing the top tier professional services that customers who have put their trust in you deservesOnce again to solve this issue we must turn to people. In our case we turned to Rob True, who now sits as the VP of Professional services for Access, to lean on his experience in providing world-class customer service. 

“Failure to provide quality professional services is the mark of a company that does not fully understand the needs of their customers. 

 Rob True

Rob True, VP | Professional Services 

Fast forward to today and we are proud to say that our direct efforts and attention towards quality service has produced something that our clients have confirmed is great. Over the past 13 months customers have rated us an average of 95.2% in their professional services experience. In all our years of business we have come to appreciate the various points of being a technology provider. our customers invest a lot of money and time into our technology and through the process we make genuine human connections that fosters a trusting relationship.  

“A shift of this magnitude required a core mindset change. Our team had to believe to their core in what we were doing. Once the proper mindset of ‘being our customer’s favorite vendor to work with’ took hold, extending a world-class professional service experience to our customers was all but inevitable.” 

Rob True, VP | Professional Services 


Technology, no matter how good it is and how reputable the company that sources it, will experienced problems and break. It is at this point that the real value of human-to-human interaction in the form of professional services takes center stage and the experience a customer has relative to the services will determine whether this is just a commodity level relationship or a true partnership. Technology is a tool, but Quality people and genuine trusting relationships between customer and vendor are the key to success.  


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Cody Strate

Written by Cody Strate

For more than 15 years, Cody has provided sales and marketing leadership with the goal of providing the smoothest, easiest, and most pleasurable customer experience imaginable. Cody is a Forbes Communication Council member and lives in Colorado with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.