This Thanksgiving the thing I’m most grateful for is relationships. Material things and "stuff" tend to get old and we feel like we need something bigger or better in order to make us happy.

I am certainly thankful for a warm house and grass in my yard that I can walk around on in my bare feet. However, what seems to bring the most joy is relationships. Nothing makes me smile quite like sharing a moment with a friend or loved one. Have you ever experienced something amazing alone and then wished afterwards that you could have shared it with someone else? Maybe that's why we take pictures so often in the hope that we can somehow capture that moment and share it with others.

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I urge you to reflect on the people in your life that you enjoy being around. Maybe it’s discussing life over a cup of coffee with a good friend, or remembering someone in your family that makes you laugh or is a wonderfully sweet person. It may even be thinking of a loved one who has passed and honoring them with a laugh, a smile or a tear as you recall a special moment you shared. My belief is that we are put on this earth to make relationships with others and this year I am thankful for those that I’m a part of. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you, your family and your relationships.

Tim Elliott

Written by Tim Elliott

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