If your hospital is starting down the paperless forms path and considering adding electronic patient signatures (eSignature or eSig) into your technology mix, you’re probably going to hear several vendors say, “Lots of MEDITECH hospitals use our stuff.” All well and good, and likely quite true. But what if a vendor could make this claim, back it up and then tell you something else that’s pretty important: “MEDITECH uses our solution.”

That might get your attention, right?

We’re not trying to brag, but Access is the only provider of eSignatures and eForms that can say such a thing. Not to mention the fact that we also have several hundred hospital partners who have successfully integrated our solutions with MEDITECH’s EHR.

With approximately 3,700 employees spread across 11 locations in three states, MEDITECH found that forms requiring multiple authorizations were a headache, and as MEDITECH VP of Advanced Technology, Scott Radner, put it, “Our biggest challenge with forms is geography.”

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So MEDITECH prioritized its needs based on how many approvals each form required and how many stacks of paperwork they created on the COO’s desk. They soon identified the Internal Transfer Proposal, a requirement for any staff member pursuing a new career opportunity within the company, as the top candidate for eForms conversion.

Instead of processing forms using a paper workflow that took days, Access Passport creates an online request eForm that is routed automatically to the first reviewer electronically. Once they’ve reviewed it and applied a secure electronic signature, the eForm is sent to the next person in the workflow. Parallel routing can be used for simultaneous viewing and signing.

“With Access Passport, we’ve cut our turnaround time down from two weeks to two days,” Radner said. “I live and die by email, so getting a notification each time there’s a new form makes my job a lot easier than having stacks of paper forms on my desk. With Access Passport, I can review a form in seconds, sign it in my browser and move onto the next one. I couldn’t ask for anything more as a user.”

Before, during and after implementation, the Access team was available any time MEDITECH had questions about the new paperless processes. This helped get users up and running quickly.

When we contact Access, we get to talk to the same people who are familiar with us and what we’re trying to achieve,” Radner said. “The project planning, training and support have been great.”

Since rolling out the Internal Transfer Proposal eForm, MEDITECH also has gone live with other high-volume eForms that require authorization, including Promotion, Application for Educational Assistance, Telecommuting and Part-Time/Full-Time Requests, College Ambassador Program and Parental Leave Start and Return. As the organization extends the solution to other forms, processes, and departments, it will continue to save time and paper.

Another positive outcome of the project and deployment has been the growth of MEDITECH’s relationship with Access.

“It has been a wonderful experience with a terrific company that has great products,” Radner said. “Our relationship with Access and the usability of their solutions made it easy to transition from a paper world to an electronic one without upheaval. We look forward to helping the MEDITECH customer base make the same kind of transition.”

Lindsey Keith

Written by Lindsey Keith

From logistics to analytics to curatorship, Lindsey keeps sales and marketing operations on course, on target and on point. She combines a systematic approach with a wealth of knowledge about paperless software solutions—having worked in the industry for decades.