When it comes to getting their jobs done, the doctors, nurses and administrators in your hospital want to focus on care and service. Yet they often find themselves devoting more attention to paperwork than they do to patients. One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that the physicians surveyed spent twice as much time on documentation-related tasks as they did on patient care.

Paperless technology like EHRs, content management systems and eForms and electronic patient signatures solutions holds a lot of promise, but yet 69% of nurses surveyed by Nursing in Practice said that technology has actually increased the amount of time they spend on administration. In an article for the New York Times entitled “The Patients vs. Paperwork Problem for Doctors,” Dr. Danielle Ofri stated, “The main reason I can’t keep up is the EMR.” And it’s not just physicians who spend much of their time pushing paper and inputting data into electronic charts, but also nurses and administrative personnel like registrars and medical records/HIM staff. 

This issue is compounded if your eForms and electronic signatures system is difficult to use and manage, and needs constant attention. Switching from printed forms that require patients to fill out redundant information and then apply a wet signature on each page to electronic versions and eSignatures is meant to speed processes like registration and bedside consents, improve patient satisfaction and enable clinicians and administrative staff alike to get back to what they do best. But the technology offered by some vendors misses this mark and actually ends up adding complexity, frustrating staff and patients and further delaying processes.

Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana wanted to avoid such issues. The hospital had decided to go with another eForms provider, but Patient Access Manager Carla Tarver and her team changed their minds and went in another direction.

“We went on a site visit for our initial vendor of choice, and when I asked our host if he liked their electronic signatures provider, he said, ‘No. Have you talked to Access?’” Tarver explained.

This led to Woman’s Hospital connecting with Access, who set up a site visit that went much better. “The Access customer we visited had only good things to say about the company and their electronic signatures and eForms solutions,” Tarver said.

Once Woman’s Hospital had decided to switch to Access, part of the project scope was an ambitious go-live date that gave Access’s professional services group just a few weeks to plan, test and implement.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how fast the deployment was and that Access was able to meet our deadline,” Tarver said. “The consultant stayed on-site with us until we felt comfortable, and that’s something you just don’t find with many vendors. Access has set a new standard for customer service, and now I’m going to expect more from our other vendors, too.”

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Randy Hippe

Written by Randy Hippe

A true veteran of the industry, Randy has sold electronic forms software to hospitals for more than 20 years. He has been a trusted advisor throughout, consulting with his clients to ensure that the right solution is always in place—so they can cut costs, and most importantly, improve patient care and service as quickly as possible.