How 3 P’s Can Transform Your Hospital


When purchase orders, requisition orders, RFPs, vendor/supplier registration and other forms are paper-based, it’s a challenge to stay organized and efficient. With a paperless eForms and eSignature solution, there’s a better way: simplifying information collection, eliminating the costs of paper, automating manual steps, preventing redundant effort and many other benefits.

Join me for an illustration of how 3 p’s (paperless purchasing processes) add up to equal another mission-critical p-word—productivity. By attending this free, 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how eForms and eSignatures can help your hospital:

  • Put everything in one place
    Gather all required information and accompanying documentation in one request eForm.
  • Unify your information systems
    Share eForms, eSignatures and attachments with supply chain/financial applications.
  • Streamline workflow steps
    Enable staff and vendors to submit requests online and notify the right people via email.
  • Automate routing decisions
    Trigger workflow steps based on eForm data, such as dollar amount or time frame.
  • Ensure information is locked up
    Collect data electronically from the start, securing vendor and customer information.

3 P’s That Can Transform Your Hospital: Paperless Purchasing Processes

Thursday, June 8 @ Noon (Central)

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About The Author - Cody Strate

For more than 10 years, Cody has helped healthcare organizations worldwide eliminate the costs and risks of paper through e-forms and e-signature solutions. In addition to helping others achieve their paperless goals, Cody finds time to put his biochemistry degree to work in the kitchen testing out new recipes on his unsuspecting family.

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