The news is in on paper consent forms. And it isn’t good. A comprehensive study conducted by

It seems like almost every healthcare IT vendor these days is touting their “touch free” or “paper free” technology, to the point where “paperless” has become an over-used buzzword. The dirty little secret for most vendors and their solutions? While they do remove some hard copies, they also leave behind pesky pockets of paper. This means that staff members have to retrieve forms and get patients to fill in and sign them, both at the bedside and in registration. Then those forms need to be copied, sent to medical records/HIM and scanned. This is a time-consuming, error-prone process which delays the availability of information for clinicians.

But there is a better way.


At Access, we’re helping hospitals across the US and Canada, in Europe and around the world remove the rest of their printed documentation and turn slow, paper-centric manual processes into fast, electronic, 100 percent paper-free ones.

By deploying integrated paperless forms that are electronically signed, Hilo Medical Center transformed the way consents are completed, signed, distributed and organized. They’re saving $228,375 annually by simply replacing one paper consent form with an electronic version. With 43,000 patients a year, Hilo’s emergency room (ER) is the busiest in Hawaii and the last thing staff members have time for is pushing paperwork. With the Access system, they’re able to focus on getting patients the care they need as soon as possible.

The benefits don’t just apply to Hilo’s bottom line or staff productivity, but also to their green initiative. Our electronic signatures and eForms solution is saving over 52,000 sheets of paper just for that one form, plus all the others that Hilo has digitized. As 98 percent of patients decline the option of receiving a copy of their admissions packet, paper use is further reduced. And deploying e-Signatures also helped Hilo successfully obtain HIMSS Stage 7 accreditation. Here is Hilo’s take on that:

“During the HIMSS Stage 7 assessment, we showed the old paper consent form, and then pulled out a Wacom electronic signature pad to show how we’ve gone paperless with Access’s solution. Access has made our journey to Stage 7 a lot easier.”

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Clayton Homme

Written by Clayton Homme

A former college football player, Clayton is adept at tackling the paper challenges that hospitals face. He works with current customers to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their e-forms and e-signature solutions. Clayton also analyzes MVPs (most valuable processes)—enhancing customers’ clinical and administrative workflows.