Has a friend ever told you one of those customer service horror stories about an airline, cell service provider or cable company that made you think, “I’d NEVER choose to work with them”? Well, San Juan Regional Medical Center has a similar tale to tell about their electronic signatures and eForms vendor.

As part of its goal to create a paperless hospital, San Juan Regional wanted to utilize electronic forms and electronic patient signatures. But the system it had been using was outdated and the vendor failed to meet the requirements that CIO Sheri Rawlings outlined.

“We explored implementing e-signatures for three years, but our previous e-forms vendor’s price kept increasing,” Rawlings said. “When I told them that if they couldn’t give us a more reasonable price we’d switch vendors for e-forms and e-signatures, they said, ‘Do what you have to do.’”

So Rawlings and her team started searching for a better alternative. They were already using Access’s clinical data bridge, which enables them to automatically integrate paperless output from more than 30 medical devices and systems (such as EKGs, colonoscopies and endoscopies) directly into patient charts. So it was a logical decision to also make the move to our electronic patient signatures and eForms solution.

The previous vendor’s product allowed the hospital to print forms on demand, but the packet that was generated included all possible forms that any patient might have to complete and sign, making more work for registrars. In contrast, the Access system presents only those forms that are relevant to each patient, which they sign electronically. The solution then sends the authorized forms automatically and electronically into the EHR. Registrars can also generate forms that are more usable for patients who have a first language other than English.

“The Access system allows us to identify that this is a female patient and so we’re only going to present the forms that are required for women, not for men,” Rawlings said. “It’s the same thing for Spanish, Navajo or English speakers. We’ve eliminated paper packets in registration, the ED and inpatient areas.”

In addition to saving time for San Juan Regional’s staff, the Access solution and the faster registration process it enables is also having a positive impact on patient satisfaction.

“Feedback from patients has been very positive,” Rawlings said. “We’ve worked hard to make sure the monitors that they view the forms on are big enough and that they understand what they’re signing electronically. It’s definitely a better experience.”

Rawlings reports that our system is also enhancing San Juan’s compliance initiative.

“Unlike our previous e-forms vendor, Access works hard to understand our goals and help us achieve them,” Rawlings said. “They’ve always come to us and said, ‘What can we do to make it better?’ For instance, as an ISO organization, we need to track our forms and approval cycle. That's not something that's built into the Access system, but they stepped up and asked, ‘How can we help?’ It’s more of a partnership than a vendor-client relationship.”

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Brandy Taylor

Written by Brandy Taylor

Regardless of the challenge—climbing 14ers (peaks taller than 14,000 feet) or eliminating the mountains of paperwork in hospitals—Brandy is determined to reach the summit. She combines her drive with a commitment to helping others achieve their goals the old fashioned way, with honesty, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy.