Integration Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult


Starting a new job is never easy. You’re once again a little fish in a big pond, and every organization has new relationships, processes and challenges to navigate. Most people fall in love with the job and then hope they mesh with the company’s culture and conventions. Purchasing software is like that—you are enamored with a solution and cross your fingers that it will integrate smoothly into your existing IT ecosystem and processes.

Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case when I joined Access. I had just spent the previous 9 years working at MEDITECH where I was able to help implement Access Passport into their demonstration rings. This enabled the demonstrators to show MEDITECH customers the smooth integration Access can provide to major healthcare systems, and it gave me the opportunity to work alongside several people across the Access team—from professional services, development and sales.

When Access was assisting us, it was all hands on deck for the greater good of MEDITECH. The interoperability between divisions was very impressive, and Access interacted with us as a true partner. Everyone on the Access team was driven to make sure that MEDITECH had the best experience possible. This impressed me so much that I felt that Access would be the only option for my next career challenge.

Even though most of us work remotely, I met a good portion of the teams within the first 6 months of starting at Access. The common theme that kept surfacing was how easy it was to get along with everyone, and I quickly felt like I was part of the Access family.

You could easily say that the culture at Access is as easy to integrate with as our software is with MEDITECH, Cerner, Epic and other HIS vendors. Within no time, I was up and running as part of the team—much like your organization will be if you decide to replace your paper forms with Access eForms and eSignatures.

About The Author - Mike Bugara

From electronic forms to HIS to ECM platforms, Mike has seen—and demonstrated—it all. His innovative approach to showcasing Access’s integrated solutions makes him a valuable resource to hospitals evaluating paperless technologies. Currently a sales engineer, Mike’s eclectic work background includes management, implementation, marketing and more.

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