Is Your eForms + Electronic Signatures Solution Driving You Nuts? We’ve Got a Better Way…


When you selected your eForms and electronic signatures solution, we bet you had high hopes for going paperless, improving patient care, service and satisfaction and speeding everyday processes. But somewhere along the way, things didn’t go according to plan. What you really got was outdated, clunky technology that is difficult to use and harder to manage, and actually makes your daily tasks even more complicated than back in the ink-on-paper days.

If your hospital has ever upgraded its health information/EHR system, perhaps you recall the painstaking process of updating every single one of your forms with the same fondness that you remember your last dentist visit. Or maybe your hospital changed its logo and spent hour after hour altering each document. To say nothing about that clunky “integration” with your content management system. And while we’re sure you’d like to go mobile with your bedside consents, you’re likely stuck tethered to whatever signature device you can fit on your workstations on wheels (WOWs).

We bet that your eForms and electronic signatures vendor isn’t making the grade in customer service, either. From unresponsive support to apathetic account managers to ever-increasing prices for the same old outdated features, you deserve much better. 

OK, enough of the Debbie Downer reality checks. If you’re less than satisfied with the products and service your eForms and electronic patient signatures vendor provides, there is a way out. More than 40 hospitals like yours have switched to Access and are now enjoying benefits like:

  • Responsive customer service
  • Proven integration with leading EHR, health information and content management systems
  • One-click updates to all your eForms when you upgrade your HIS or change your logo
  • Hassle-free eForms conversion
  • Web-based access to all your forms in one secure location
  • Transformative eSignatures technology that gets patients the care they need faster
  • Simple signature capture at the bedside via iPads and other mobile devices
  • And much more!

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is “Get more from eForms and e-Signatures,” contact us today to get started.


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About The Author - Brandy Taylor

Regardless of the challenge—climbing 14ers (peaks taller than 14,000 feet) or eliminating the mountains of paperwork in hospitals—Brandy is determined to reach the summit. She combines her drive with a commitment to helping others achieve their goals the old fashioned way, with honesty, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy.

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