My dozen-year HIMSS anniversary


Twelve in a row. That’s the milestone I’ll reach at this year’s HIMSS Conference. OK, so it’s not exactly Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive-games-played streak, but I’m proud of it nonetheless. My very first show was with Access 12 years ago. At one point, thinking the grass might be greener (and it wasn’t), I ventured away for a while.

 I stayed in healthcare IT and attended this huge exposition—with its 50,000-plus attendees, thousands more vendors and more giveaways for my kids that I could ever hope to cram in my carry-on bag—with other employers a few times. One year I was unemployed (uh, I mean “seeking new challenges”) during HIMSS, but a company I interviewed with wanted me to meet with their executives at the show so I kept my streak going.

While I had fun with colleagues at other companies, I can honestly say that my favorite HIMSS experiences are with Access. Not just the after-hours festivities, but also working the Access booth with a group of friends who are as committed as I am to helping hospitals eliminate paper forms.

If you’re attending HIMSS in just a few weeks, I invite you to stop by booth 1778 for a jolt of caffeine at the Access coffee station and to meet a fun and welcoming group of people. You’ll see some great new intelligent eForms, electronic signature and mobility solutions that can help your hospital work faster and smarter, and even more importantly, improve the way you serve and care for your patients.

A panoramic view of the show floor during setup before the HIMSS15 Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Randy's 10th. 


You’ll also be able to explore the charity work that Access is involved in. We all have our individual causes that we support, but as a company, Access stands behind The Last Well. Come by and see how we’re helping to build wells to bring clean drinking water to the people of Liberia. I can’t imagine many other vendors that will have a water pump in their booth. There will be one in ours, because we have the chance to make a real difference and we are going to seize it with both hands.

If you take a few minutes to come and talk with us, you’ll also see why so many of our customers like to hang out in the Access booth. (Sure, the free lattes help, but that’s not the only reason.) Instead of being pressured with the usual hard sell, you’ll feel welcomed and relaxed. 

You might also learn the reasons why hospitals trust us to not only get rid of their paper, but also to fix their problems with new and creative solutions. Many of them have told us that we’re less like their other vendors and more like partners, friends and even family members.

Give us the chance to show you the level of attention and service we think you deserve.

See you at booth 1778!

About The Author - Randy Hippe

A true veteran of the industry, Randy has sold electronic forms software to hospitals for more than 20 years. He has been a trusted advisor throughout, consulting with his clients to ensure that the right solution is always in place—so they can cut costs, and most importantly, improve patient care and service as quickly as possible.

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