New Year’s Resolutions—Turning IF into WHEN


When you hear people talk about the upcoming 12 months, they’ll often say things like, “If I get that promotion at work or we’re able to go on that Caribbean vacation, next year will be great.” There’s nothing wrong with such aspirations, but the issue is that the insertion of a little word that often goes unnoticed—the humble “if”—makes the success or failure of their entire year conditional on outside circumstances. Though all of our lives are subject to chaos, random events and simple bad luck sometimes, I’d argue that removing the “if” will make 2017 the best year that it can be.

At Access, we certainly have big plans for the New Year, including new and updated eForms and eSignature solutions, adding to our team, and our best HIMSS show to date. As we look back at the year that passed by so quickly, I’m thankful to all of our wonderful customers and employees who’ve made this one of the most successful and rewarding 12 months I can remember.

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year. May your 2017 be bright and paperless.


We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve and serve with such wonderful people who truly make our company like an extended family (minus the crazy uncle and that third cousin whose name you never can remember). The growth that you’ve all been a big part of has enabled us to pass on our blessings to folks like our friends at The Last Well, who we’re going to feature in our booth at HIMSS17 to highlight their mission of bringing clean water to Liberia.

Speaking of HIMSS, we hope that if you’re a customer, partner, or just someone who thinks electronic forms and electronic signatures might benefit your organization, that you’ll stop by our booth (1787) to see us and learn more about TLW’s transformative goals.

That brings me back nicely to what I mentioned a few sentences ago: goals. It’s tempting to make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions, but there’s a reason that 92 percent of people fail to keep these. They make too many! In looking back on this past year, my hope is that you can celebrate your successes but also learn from your near misses. Then use these as the focus of no more than three resolutions. Maybe one is personal, the second is professional and the third involves giving something of yourself to improve the lives of others.

By keeping the number of goals to a minimum, you’ll have a better chance of sticking to them and of truly making a difference in your life and that of your family members, friends and community. And rather than adding a conditional “if” to these resolutions, make them unconditional and call in the help of someone special to hold you accountable. If you commit fully to making 2017 a great year, I’m confident that you’ll do just that.

Happy New Year!

About The Author - Mark Johnston

With 35+ years of executive management experience in healthcare, Mark has taken on almost every challenge the modern industry has faced. As company president, his healthcare vision and business acumen provides valuable daily leadership, and his connections have built an exceptional team and solid corporate partnerships that uniquely benefit Access customers. He has in-depth knowledge of every three-letter acronym—HIS, EHR, ECM, ERP and even BBQ.

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