Experts say to combat COVID-19, it’s important to clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces. Studies show that some strains of the virus can live up to three days on steel and plastics, up to four days on furniture, and up to five days on glass, ceramics and paper.

It’s easy to disinfect plastic bottles, and to sanitize glass and ceramic on high heat in the dishwasher. But how do you disinfect paper? How do you stop paper hospital forms from becoming vehicles for spreading viruses to patients and staff?

The Access Rapid Response eForms program is designed to eliminate paper, rather than taking on the unrealistic task of sanitizing it. Hospitals can be live with the COVID-19 online screening tool in as little as 24-28 hours.

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Norman Regional Health System, a multi-campus provider serving south central Oklahoma, is using Access solutions to create a zero-contact registration process. The goal is for little or no paper to change hands with patients all the way to the point of pre-registration. This limits the risk of paper hospital forms spreading COVID-19, and minimizes the opportunity for patients to expose healthcare workers and other patients to the virus.

NRHS patients electronically complete and sign pre-registration forms on their own devices at home before visiting one of the hospital’s care locations. The patient answers questions on the eForm about their symptoms, provides their eSignature and securely sends it back to NRHS.

Beth Summers, Systems Analyst II, HIT with NRHS, said the hospital worked with Access to create a new patient packet that’s emailed to patients prior to their visit.

“With the outbreak of COVID-19, Norman Regional Health System needed a turnkey eForm solution to pre-register patients for outpatient clinics and virtual visits. By creating an online registration process, we’re reducing patient time spent in clinic waiting rooms, increasing the efficiency of our clinic healers, and helping to flatten the curve by decreasing the risk of exposure for our patients and healers.”

Visit here to learn more about Access eForms solutions and our Rapid Response program. In two days or less, your hospital can lay the foundation for a zero-contact registration process and have another tool to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

Cody Strate

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