Onboarding Remote Employees with Speed and Ease



Access has many remote employees that live in various locations across the United States. However, our payroll administration is performed at our corporate office. One challenge in Administration and Human Resources that we used to face was remote employee onboarding.

In the past, this would require our new employee to either travel to the corporate office, which of course is not very cost effective; or the employee had to print off forms that were emailed to them, complete and sign the forms, then scan them in and email them back. For some employees, that task was very challenging if they did not have a scanner readily available.

Hospitals that have several branches or clinics across a wide geographical area may face this same remote employee onboarding challenge. With budget constraints, it just doesn’t make sense to fund a complete HR department at every location the hospitals serve. 

A simple solution saves time and money

At Access, we solved our employee onboarding issues by using our own product, Passport’s Human Capital Management (HCM) program. It’s very user-friendly and makes new employee sign-ups a breeze.

Set-up. To begin the process, basic information about the employee is needed to set up their Passport account. This can consist simply of their name, manager, title and email address. Most of this is readily available from the employee’s application.

Forms completion. Once an account is established, a welcome email is automatically sent to the employee, which contains their login credentials and instructions on accessing their account. They fill in the rest of their demographics and once submitted, the other employee forms populate with their information. This cuts down on the repetitive data they must complete. The employee can easily login and work on their onboarding information as it is convenient to them, prior to their start date.

Digital signatures. Each of the employee forms, which may include their emergency contact information, acceptance of employment agreement and policies, are signed with a digital signature. Completing government documents such as their W-4 and I-9 forms is not a problem. These can also be completed online and digitally signed. Supporting copies of documents can also be attached. 

Approvals. Completed, signed documents are automatically emailed directly to the HR department where they can be reviewed and archived as necessary. If any employee forms require a company acceptance, the HR representative may also sign the forms and they can in turn be emailed back to the employee for their records.

Confirmation. When all documents have been accepted, a final email confirming the completion of the onboarding process is sent to the new employee. How easy is that?!

Access’s HCM product has been a great tool in our onboarding process, and I know your organization would find it beneficial as well. It has reduced our costs, provided greater time efficiency and given our new employees a sense of confidence in our administrative department.

It’s important for a new employee/employer relationship to start off on the right foot. Our fast and easy onboarding process makes sure it’s a good experience with every hire.


About The Author - Beth Adams

In the tradition of John and Sam Adams, Beth is a founding mother of Access—helping to build the company from the ground up on day one. Now director of Administrative Services, she oversees all administrative functions for the company, including AR, AP, HR and much more. Just as importantly, Beth is a Sunday school secretary, mother of three and grandmother of six.

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