Paperless POLST Forms Are the MOLST

By Cody Strate | Jul 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM

In healthcare IT, the last thing we need are more acronyms. There are hundreds already—EHR, EMR and MU are just three of the 179 (that’s not a typo!) listed on the Healthcare IT Answers website. But a few you should get to know better are POLST (Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), and if you’re feeling ambitious, the other 12 variations used by different states (for a full list, see The POLST form traces its roots back to 1995, when a group of ethicists in Oregon created it to complement the advanced directive. Both are important advance-care planning documents but have differences everyone involved in patient care needs to appreciate. (To learn more, visit this webpage.)

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12 Pitfalls of Electronic Patient Signatures in Registration

By Cody Strate | Jul 8, 2017 1:59:15 AM

So you want a paperless registration process? OK, cool! All you have to do is 1] find a few vendors 2] schedule demos 3] select a winning vendor 4] negotiate the price 5] negotiate a contract 6] sign the agreement 7] implement the solution and 8] everyone lives happily ever after…

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Clean Your Garage, Desk and Car, Then We’ll Talk

By Mark Johnston | Jun 23, 2017 12:54:27 PM

In the first installment of my two-part blog post, I introduced you to four principles of getting things done: organization, prioritization, execution and discipline. Now I want to show you how these aren’t theoretical but rather highly applicable in real life. I once had a colleague I was mentoring. He had a lot of promise and potential, but there were several things holding him back.

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Four Principles of Productivity

By Mark Johnston | Jun 20, 2017 5:48:57 PM

Over the past 35 years, I’ve seen the healthcare IT industry from just about every angle, from my time in radiology to helping create the healthcare sales division at Perceptive Software to my most recent role as Access president (and many stops in-between). Along the way, I’ve found that while each profession has its differences and quirks, the art of getting things done is consistent across all niches, companies and roles, from interns all the way up to executives.

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Customer Care or Couldn’t Care Less?

By Phil White | Jun 14, 2017 2:00:00 PM

A lot of companies claim that they take care of their customers, offer responsive service and do whatever it takes to keep clients happy. Some might even have some quotes “massaged” by their marketing teams to back up these assertions. But when the rubber meets the road, is there any substance to these claims or are they just a lot of hot air?

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