At the risk of exposing my age, one of my favorite movies is a classic from the 1980s, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” The comedy features legends Steve Martin and John Candy, the two main characters whose personalities are completely opposite of one another. Martin plays an uptight advertising executive and Candy is a disheveled shower curtain ring salesman.

One mishap after another derails their travel plans, and they are forced to work together as they switch between different modes of transportation. I recently had the opportunity to travel for business, and instead of taking my typical mode of transportation, a plane, I decided to take the train.

The railroad was always a part of my life growing up. My grandfather worked for and retired from the Reading Railroad. For anyone who plays Monopoly, that was a “real” business. He was always taking us on train rides, and my parents continue that adventure with their grandchildren.

On this particular trip, the train took me to the busiest passenger transportation facility in the Western Hemisphere that serves more than 600,000 commuter and other rail passengers a day. I made a few observations both inside and outside of the station. I was in awe as I watched the constant flow of people entering and exiting the station. It looked as if everyone was on a conveyor belt or part of a synchronized dance, because the flow was constant, smooth and well-coordinated.

Inside the station, you couldn’t help but notice those travelers who were running through the station to catch their commuter train versus those who appeared to have an ample amount of time until their train arrived.

Thankfully, technology and the use of eTickets played a part in allowing some of the commuter travelers to make their train by not having to stand in line to receive a paper ticket. I can’t imagine how long the wait time would have been if everyone needed a paper ticket to ride the rails home.

Although the solutions and services that the rail lines and Access offer are very different, we both have a similar outcome. Access helps healthcare organizations decrease the wait time for their customers and increase patient satisfaction by empowering them to electronically complete and sign documents quickly with minimal effort.

Our paperless technology also makes it possible for patients to complete forms electronically before they arrive. We keep the flow of information moving smoothly and seamlessly. Even in a rush, our eForms and eSignatures software can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device.

And like those commuters who had their eTicket, skipping lines, saving time and arriving at their destination without hassles dramatically improves their experience.

Brandy Taylor

Written by Brandy Taylor

Regardless of the challenge—climbing 14ers (peaks taller than 14,000 feet) or eliminating the mountains of paperwork in hospitals—Brandy is determined to reach the summit. She combines her drive with a commitment to helping others achieve their goals the old fashioned way, with honesty, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy.