As we continue to push into 2021 and put 2020 further in our rear-view mirror, we are beginning to see the pandemic numbers turn in our favor. At the time of drafting this article, 64,177,474 vaccine doses have been administered in the US, which effectively covers 20% of the population. On January 9, 2021, the US logged 300,619 new cases of COVID-19, compared to 59,462 new cases as of Feb 22, 2021--an 81% decrease. These are promising trends, but does this mean we are returning to normal? We surveyed a collection of hospital employees to get their take on things, and the results are fascinating. 

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Survey Results 

With vaccines underway, do you feel things are finally starting to return to normal?  

Out of 120 responses, here are the results from our survey:  

  • 105 (88%) Agree | Things are returning to normal 
  • 6 (5%) We are shifting to a different normal 
  • 9 (8%) We won’t see things return to normal until 2022  

Healthcare Poll Overall Results (1)

This is an optimistic perspective, especially considering these responses are coming from hospital workers who have been on the frontlines of dealing with the pandemic since day one. 

A Closer Look | Epic vs. MEDITECH vs. Cerner 

We were able to break down the results by responses according to EHR, which produces some interesting numbers as well. 94% of Epic respondents and 93% of Cerner respondents selected “Agree | Things are returning to normal” compared to only 74% of MEDITECH respondents.  

Healthcare Poll Meditech Cerner Epic (1)

A Closer Look | Views by Patient Facing Titles vs. Back Office Titles 

We disaggregated the survey data by title, and to keep things simple, we separated the responses into two basic groups: Patient-Facing Titles vs. Back Office Titles. Back Office Titles were squarely in favor of “Agree | Things are returning to normal” at 95%, compared to only 77% of Patient-Facing Titles. 11% of the Patient-Facing Title group felt that we were returning to a new normal and 13% felt we would not see any changes until 2022. The difference of views according to those who encounter patients are quite different from the views of those who support the hospital through various back-office business functions. The data seems to suggest that those who do not meet patients are a bit more optimistic. 

Healthcare Poll Meditech by Title (1)


The data collected from our survey seems to suggest an optimistic feeling amongst hospital workers of returning to a sense of normal, which coincides with the broader coronavirus trends we’re seeing across the nationThere is a slightly less optimistic view, however, held by those who interact with patients compared to those who reside in back-office roles of the hospital. Despite these differences, both groups share the sentiment that things are slowly returning to normal, and I am sure that 100% of us would agree that we all hope they are right. 

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