T.G.I.F (Thank Goodness for Intelligent Forms)


I was the youngest in a family of four boys and one girl. My dad was a local high school teacher and coach. We were never poor by any means, but we definitely were never part of the “upper crust.” Being the youngest, I had to work a little harder for everything—whether that was getting to sit shotgun in the minivan or reaching for our upper crust, the last slice of pizza.

There was never a dull moment at our house. From sports to yard work to chores and so on, we were always busy and active. Money was a little tight, so we were eager to pick up spare jobs around the neighborhood. We mowed lawns in the summer and shoveled driveways in the winter.

You’re likely wondering why in the heck I’m telling you about my childhood. Here’s the reason—it doesn’t matter who you are or where you started from. Putting in the work is what matters and it is what ultimately drives happiness. 

“TGIF” or “Thank God it’s Friday!” has been around awhile, but it remains a common saying among people I know outside of work. I would be lying if I said that I have never thought that on occasion as well. But so many people today are only happy when it’s the weekend and they are depressed when Sunday night rolls around, because they have to go to work on Monday. Work is almost 50 percent of your life! Why not make the most of it?

We all are going to have our weeks or even months where the grind starts to wear on us. Trust me, I get that and I realize sometimes the only thing that gets us through the grind is knowing that we get to step away from that for a few days. However, what I have realized is that the people who embrace the grind are going to be able to embrace the weekend with even more gusto knowing that they put in all they possibly could during the week. 

When I started out with Access several years ago, I was fresh out of college and had little knowledge of the healthcare world. The one thing I did have was a desire to put in the work, and that was also fueled by my coworkers at Access. The people at Access are not just knowledgeable about helping hospitals with their paperless initiatives, but they are genuinely great people.

I can honestly say that this is the best team I’ve ever been a part of. We truly are passionate about the software and solutions we create, install, market and sell every day. And because of the customers we’re fortunate enough to interact with and serve, TGIF has taken on a whole new meaning—thank goodness for intelligent forms. 

About The Author - Clayton Homme

A former college football player, Clayton is adept at tackling the paper challenges that hospitals face. He works with current customers to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their e-forms and e-signature solutions. Clayton also analyzes MVPs (most valuable processes)—enhancing customers’ clinical and administrative workflows.

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