The thought of implementing an enterprise forms management tool may sound like a daunting task. After all, hundreds of thousands of forms flow through most hospitals each year. And, taking all of these to a digital state means changing policies that staff members are likely comfortable with and well accustomed to.

At Access, our Client Services team is dedicated to helping customers navigate every step of the transition of converting paper forms to electronic. In fact, I like to think of the members of this team as eSignature Sherpas who guide clients through all solution phases – from implementation to go-live to maintenance.

Getting clients started

Our Client Services team is made up of two main groups. The first is our Professional Services department, and they work with customers to understand their roll-out approach. For example, does the hospital want to implement paperless forms in one department before rolling it out in others? Or is the organization going “all-in” and taking the eForms software live in multiple departments from the start?

More Access clients are implementing electronic signature software in a focused way. Meaning, they’re starting with one department, like Registration, before taking it to the surgical suite, bedside or other areas of the hospital.

Regardless of whether a client chooses a measured or all-in approach, the first group in our Client Services team builds the software and tests it to ensure it’s properly configured to the customer’s needs. After that, they work with the hospital to implement the solution and train staff members.

Health care is a high-stakes industry – a minor form mistake can have a major impact – so our Professional Services team also conducts “train-the-trainer” sessions. We teach key customer team members how to use our eSignature solution. In turn, we arm them with the info they need to train their own employees so medical staff and clinicians are confident using the solution and have a trusted internal resource for questions.

Keeping clients going

Once the solution is installed, a hand-off happens on our end that’s seamless to the customer. The second group in our Client Services team – the Support department – steps in to be the customer’s eSignature Sherpa for the duration.

Health care never stops and neither does the Access Support team. This department is here for clients every day, at all hours of the day. The team answers solution questions, guides customers through upgrades and service migrations, and they counsel them through any system challenges.

Migrating a hospital’s forms process from paper to digital is a big task. But with the help of an eSignature Sherpa – the Access Client Services team – health care providers can be confident that they’ll be supported and properly trained every step of the way.


Brent Robin

Written by Brent Robin