Epic-integrated eForms deliver big benefits without disruption

If you ask most hospital administrators and clinical leaders how important is innovation as a strategic business goal, they’ll tell you it’s vital. Not because it’s innovation for the sake of innovation, but because progressive technology might be one of the fastest ways to make measurable impact on operational efficiency, staff productivity, patient experience, and positive outcomes.

But innovation can come at a price if the technology and vendor are not a good fit for the organization’s business goals, and current EMR environment and processes. This can take the form of temporary disruption at best, or all-out operational chaos at worst.

For this reason, strategic hospitals seek out eForms and eSignatures technologies that not only integrate with existing EMR applications but do so in a way that blurs the line between EMR and eForm so well that both the provider and patient experience feel seamless.

In the case of integrated electronic forms and signatures, invisibility is power.

A story of “Epic” value

When the leading university hospital with the largest trauma center in Las Vegas decided to migrate to an Epic EMR system, it conducted a full analysis of its business processes. This included evaluating technology that could help:

  • enhance patient engagement
  • expedite registration and clinical processes
  • eliminate costs, delays and hassles that stemmed from paper-based registration packets, procedural and surgical consents, and other forms.

Hospital leadership laid out the initial plan this way: “One of the areas we considered was how we were going to handle the forms and signatures in the new Epic environment. We looked at the functionality that was available within the solution and the other products that were currently available at our organization, and nothing met the criteria focusing on patient experience, mobility, usability, and rapid scalability.”

The hospital’s search for the best fit for their electronic forms needs led them to choose Access Passport. A major deciding factor was Access’s unique vendor-neutral interface, which lets users in any department take advantage of powerful eSignatures and eForms features without ever leaving their Epic environment.

“Many of the clinical staff probably aren't even aware that Access Passport is a separate product because of how tight its integration with Epic is,” hospital leadership said. “Applications should seamlessly sit within the workflow and enhance it like Passport does, instead of getting in the way. Any capability that is somewhat invisible to the end user is a significant positive.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Rethinking the complete patient experience

As important as clinical staff satisfaction is in any implementation, the impact to patient experience and satisfaction is just as vital. The seamless integration with Epic presented an opportunity to address other areas of the patient experience—to ensure every patient found consistent, informed, expedited interactions along every point of their care journey.

The hospital initially decided to deploy Access Passport in registration to improve patient engagement and simplify the management, generation, and completion of admissions forms that required patient signature. But after seeing the benefits and fast adoption, the hospital recognized the value Access could provide across the organization.  The next area suffering from potent paper issues was in Surgical Services, and the Passport solution seemed up to the task to solve those issues.

Now patients complete surgical and procedural consents and other eForms via iPads from the convenience of their beds. Here’s more from the hospital’s perspective:  “It can be very frustrating for patients to be given stacks of paperwork to complete when they come to the hospital. In contrast, Access Passport makes a very positive impression when they first walk through the door and it’s much easier for them to fill in those forms and sign them electronically. They instinctively know how to use an iPad so there’s no learning curve. Access Passport has been a significant patient satisfier, as well as streamlining and speeding up the registration process.”

Partners in progress

We couldn’t be happier to know that our partnership with this organization has delivered measurable value for clinicians, administrative staff, patients and overall operational efficiency. It’s a testament to having a clear understanding of what’s most important when it comes to improving the collection and flow of critical information from patient to provider and back again.

By using Access eForms and eSignatures to supplement a smoother, more intuitive process—whether that’s at patient registration, ensuring informed consents prior to surgical services or any other patient-provider touch point—this hospital is transforming an often disruptive or fragmented process into a true care process “flow.”

At Access, we consider it a tremendous success when hospital users don’t even know they’re using our technology. That’s really the end goal. When Epic integration is invisible, that means productivity in the hands of staff, less stress in the minds of patients and real competitive value for today’s forward-looking healthcare providers.

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Cody Strate

Written by Cody Strate

For more than 10 years, Cody has helped healthcare organizations worldwide eliminate the costs and risks of paper through e-forms and e-signature solutions. In addition to helping others achieve their paperless goals, Cody finds time to put his biochemistry degree to work in the kitchen testing out new recipes on his unsuspecting family.