With HIMSS quickly approaching, you’ll soon be bombarded with email and marketing messages aimed at separating your hospital from its money. I should know, because I’m partly to blame. (And by partly, I mean that I am and have been for quite some time as a marketing guy.)

In a form of penance for my trade, I decided to translate some of the lingo that you’ll see everywhere—from your inbox to social media, bean bags, restroom signage and even trade show booths. Hopefully this knowledge will help you to avoid potentially dangerous content that might throw you or your IT budget into a tailspin. Here are 5 buzzwords to watch out for:

The moment in time when you’re no longer on the hook for making an expensive technology purchase. ROI also is synonymous with CYA.

When someone way smarter than you can get your new software program to work with your other IT stuff. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION is when someone just a tiny bit smarter than you can get the software to work with your other IT stuff. 

Like the term “water-resistant,” it can mean about anything. Can I swim with sharks and live to tell time afterward, or will it combust at the mere mention of rain in the forecast? Your software is paperless, but you still use paper forms? Curious.

A word that means something different than product or software or technology but is used interchangeably anyway, because it sounds way cooler. “Our solutions streamline process inefficiencies across the enterprise.” Who wouldn’t want some of that?

When software works literally everywhere you might need it, including the bed pan disinfector system procurement process.

For the record, the fancy sentences I come up with just stick to the facts—thanks to Access. I don’t have to spin anything, because the eForms and electronic signature software we sell works as advertised, our customers crow about our products and services, and the team is actually upfront and honest. If you don’t believe me—and why would you, I’m in marketing—you can check out what our customers have to say about us.

Stay tuned for our awesome HIMSS17 marketing campaign that starts in January. Here’s a hint, it focuses on things you and your staff would NEVER say.


  • Access gets you “off the hook” quickly. One customer reported a three-month ROI, meaning that the money we saved them in just 90 days matched the cost of our software.
  • Integration—seamless integration—is important to us, because it saves you time and money. And we like working well with others, including customers, partners and other software.
  • When we use the term paperless, we mean 100 percent completely paper-free—devoid of any pressed tree pulp. Paper costs a lot and it wastes a lot of time too. Even one piece.
  • When I use the term “solution,” I am referring to the combination of multiple products, services and subject-matter expertise that we put together purposefully to fix a real problem. 
  • I gave up using other words to replace “enterprise” a long time ago, because IT people like things that work all over the place. And they like Star Trek.
Lindsey Keith

Written by Lindsey Keith

From logistics to analytics to curatorship, Lindsey keeps sales and marketing operations on course, on target and on point. She combines a systematic approach with a wealth of knowledge about paperless software solutions—having worked in the industry for decades.