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The Natural Growth Path of Patient eSignature Solutions in Hospitals

By Cody Strate on Nov 11, 2020

The Progression Towards Patient Electronic Signature 

For over two decades, Access has helped hospitals move away from pre-printed forms and sticky labels to paperless processes supported by healthcare-focused patient e-Signature technology solutions. In the beginning of our journey as a healthcare company, hospitals were happy to simply have a forms-on-demand printing solution with dynamic bar-coding capabilities that would eliminate the vast stockpiles of pre-printed forms and prevent them from having to use sticky labels to apply patient information to a form. Pre-printed form issues were costly for all hospitals, but they were especially costly for multi-hospital systems, as forms management proved to have significant logistical challenges. For many years, these solutions were the primary value that Access eForms had to offer. However, in this industry, you have to innovate or die, and we chose the former over the latter. To that end, our next big focus was to help hospitals not just replace pre-printed forms with forms that could be printed on demand, but rather eliminate paper entirely with our paperless solutions. 

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