Top 5 Healthcare IT Buzzwords You Need To Know

By Brett Chalmers | Dec 20, 2016 11:45:50 PM

With HIMSS quickly approaching, you’ll soon be bombarded with email and marketing messages aimed at separating your hospital from its money. I should know, because I’m partly to blame. (And by partly, I mean that I am and have been for quite some time as a marketing guy.)

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What’s More Important When Picking a Vendor, Technology or Relationship?

By Cody Strate | Dec 6, 2016 3:18:52 PM

Access is a technology company. More simply, we create eforms and esignature software, sell it, implement it, and then we support it. My primary function has been selling our technology to customers. Through the years, I’ve been involved in countless situations where a prospective customer evaluated our solutions against competitors’ offerings. After all that exposure to the “technology sales process,” I’ve noticed a very interesting paradox: Technologies are intensely evaluated. Vendor relationships are not.

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The Technology Band-Aid Approach

By Cody Strate | Nov 3, 2016 3:35:14 PM

I have two young kids in elementary school. I’m very thankful that they’re rough-and-tumble, but collateral damage inevitably follows their antics (broken picture frame glass, destroyed furniture, wall dents, scratched floors and so on). And then there’s the occasional cut and scrape, followed by tears and a trip upstairs to select the right Band-Aid.

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