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"What About my Ovaries?" Part 1 | A Case Study Series Where it All Went Wrong

By Anthony Delabano on May 12, 2021

A CASE STUDY SERIES WHERE IT ALL WENT WRONG & What You Need to learn from others mistakes

Like the famous Swiss cheese that Wisconsin is known for, the informed consent process for surgical procedures has many holes. This case study reviews the findings from the Wisconsin Examining Board, exposing a broken chain of events, but it also spotlights opportunities to avoid this type of medical error by using electronic consent technologies.  

Topics: EMR Integration Informed Consent Risk Medical Malpractice
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Six Common Mistakes with Informed Consents that Lead to Medical Malpractice

By Cody Strate on Sep 22, 2020

Our society has become much more litigious over the years. We see it on the news, we hear about it more and more, and we simply feel this to be true. Unfortunately, the data backs up these feelings, and one area where we see the proliferation of lawsuits is with malpractice in the medical space. Doctors are under more pressure than ever to perform within a system heavily laden with red tape, lest they be sued. 

Topics: Informed Consent Medical Malpractice Six Common Mistakes
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Pre-registration & Telehealth Consent form Strategy

By Anthony Delabano on Jun 11, 2020

Part 1 of 5: Pre-registration & Telehealth Consent Strategy

 As hospitals look towards the “post COVID-19” future, they are shifting their focus to increase operational efficiencies and rapidly create additional cost and workflow opportunities. The old proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” holds true now more than ever.  

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A New Normal: Rethinking Elective Procedures & Informed Consents

By Cody Strate on May 12, 2020

As the United States starts to find a collective footing on the backside of the global coronavirus pandemic, a new sense of “normal” is emerging. These times are challenging not only because of the complete upheaval of our everyday lives and all the stress and fear that goes along with that, but also because we are confronted with the challenge of figuring out how to appropriately operate businesses.  

Topics: Patient Electronic Signature Informed Consent Electronic forms Bedside eForms
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How to Build A Business Case for eSignature in the Clinical Setting

By Cody Strate on Mar 20, 2020

Topics: Patient Electronic Signature Informed Consent eSignature Paperless Patient Forms
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Cerner Forms Suite Webinar Highlights and Resources

By Lindsey Keith on Mar 10, 2020


Our recent webinar on the Cerner Forms Suite powered by Access had attendees from more than 120 hospitals and featured an audience Q & A that stretched 40 minutes.

Topics: Cerner Patient Electronic Signature Cerner Forms Suite Informed Consent Paperless forms Electronic Health Record eSignature
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Access Webinar Series: Bedside eSignature Solutions and Seamless EHR Integration

By Cody Strate on Feb 17, 2020

MEDITECH and Epic users, our webinar series this week is just for you. (Don’t worry Cerner hospitals; we see you!)

Topics: Patient Electronic Signature Informed Consent Paperless forms Bedside consents Electronic Health Record eSignature Tablets
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Survey Says: 96% Don’t have an eSignature Solution for Bedside Consents

By Cody Strate on Feb 6, 2020


IT professionals and clinicians from more than 100 hospitals across the country joined us this week for a webinar on implementing patient electronic signature across the enterprise. Jenni Mihm, clinical forms specialist with Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colo., was joined by Kristen Gibbins, business analyst, and Louis Gilletti, senior business analyst, with Halifax Health in Daytona Beach, Fla. The three offered a candid look at what did and didn’t work during their enterprise-wide rollouts of patient eSignature technology, as well as insight on what they wish they’d known.

Topics: Patient Experience Patient Electronic Signature Informed Consent Electronic forms Paperless forms Bedside consents Electronic Health Record Survey
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How to Prevent Tablets from Spreading Infection in Your Hospital

By Cody Strate on Dec 19, 2019

The Centers for Disease Control says it’s the heart of flu season, which means when someone infected with the virus coughs, sneezes or even talks, they’re at risk of spreading the flu. While the timing and duration of flu season differs each year, the CDC says it typically starts in the fall and goes through the winter months.

Topics: eForms Patient Electronic Signature Informed Consent Infection Control Healthcare Tablet
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10 Things Healthcare Professionals Must Consider to Ensure a Successful Tablet Initiative

By Cody Strate on Oct 25, 2019

Is your hospital considering a tablet initiative? Implementing iPads, Surfaces or Galaxies in your hospital’s Registration or clinical departments probably sounds simple. But the choices don’t stop once you pick a device brand and model. In fact, selecting the actual tablet just might be the easiest part.

Topics: Patient Electronic Signature Informed Consent Healthcare tablets Healthcare tablet cases
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Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? How to Justify an eConsent Solution for your Hospital

By Cody Strate on Jul 10, 2019

In today’s health care environment, competition is fierce for every budget dollar. Convincing your executive team to invest in an eConsent tool requires more than saying it “feels” like the right solution or that you were “wowed” by the product demo.

Topics: Patient Experience eForms Patient Satisfaction Epic Systems Patient Electronic Signature EMR Integration Patient electronic forms eConsent MEDITECH MaaS Cerner Forms Suite Access eForms Informed Consent Bedside Registration
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Launching and Expanding eSignature Solutions: It’s a Game-Changer

By Cody Strate on Jun 27, 2019

At the annual MEDITECH user event known as MUSE, I had the opportunity to present with Judy Steiner, the IT director at Halifax Health. Our education session shared how the hospital expanded its use of Access eSignature solutions to the clinical setting, recreating the paperless process it established in Registration.

Topics: MEDITECH Patient Experience eForms Patient Satisfaction Epic Systems Patient Electronic Signature Patient electronic forms Cerner Forms Suite Access eForms Informed Consent Bedside Registration