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"What About my Ovaries?" Part 1 | A Case Study Series Where it All Went Wrong

By Anthony Delabano on May 12, 2021

A CASE STUDY SERIES WHERE IT ALL WENT WRONG & What You Need to learn from others mistakes

Like the famous Swiss cheese that Wisconsin is known for, the informed consent process for surgical procedures has many holes. This case study reviews the findings from the Wisconsin Examining Board, exposing a broken chain of events, but it also spotlights opportunities to avoid this type of medical error by using electronic consent technologies.  

Topics: EMR Integration Informed Consent Risk Medical Malpractice
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Six Common Mistakes with Informed Consents that Lead to Medical Malpractice

By Cody Strate on Sep 22, 2020

Our society has become much more litigious over the years. We see it on the news, we hear about it more and more, and we simply feel this to be true. Unfortunately, the data backs up these feelings, and one area where we see the proliferation of lawsuits is with malpractice in the medical space. Doctors are under more pressure than ever to perform within a system heavily laden with red tape, lest they be sued. 

Topics: Informed Consent Medical Malpractice Six Common Mistakes