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The Legal Risks of Paper Informed Consents – Surgeons and Hospitals in the Firing Line

By Cody Strate on Jul 3, 2018

Part 5 of Access’s Improving the Economy of Surgical Services series

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How Hawaii’s Busiest Emergency Room Went Paperless with Electronic Patient Signatures. (Your Hospital Can, too.)

By Clayton Homme on Apr 26, 2018

It seems like almost every healthcare IT vendor these days is touting their “touch free” or “paper free” technology, to the point where “paperless” is no longer a “nice to have” but an expectation. The dirty little secret for most vendors and their solutions? While they do remove some hard copies, they also leave behind pesky pockets of paper. This leaves staff members to retrieve forms and get patients to complete and sign them, both at the bedside and in registration. Then those forms need to be copied, sent to medical records/HIM and scanned. It perpetuates a time-consuming, error-prone process which delays the availability of information for clinicians and timely care for patients.

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