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Access Honors Hospitals that Cut One Million Pieces of Paper or More

By Cody Strate on Jun 5, 2019

217.8 million sheets. That’s the amount of paper hospitals have eliminated from their workflows using Access eSignature solutions.

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Access and Halifax Health: Boosting Clinician and Patient Satisfaction

By Cody Strate on May 23, 2019

Access and Halifax Health have been on a paperless journey since 2012. One of the benefits of our long-term partnership is that we’ve made strides together – including two big “firsts” we just announced.

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Survey Says: Paper Informed Consents Used in Up to 93% of Cerner, Epic and Meditech Hospitals

By Cody Strate on Jan 31, 2019

Access recently hosted two webinars – one for Epic clients, and a second for Meditech hospitals – about EMR Integrated & Tablet-Enabled Informed Consent Solutions. They followed a similar Cerner webinar we hosted in late-November 2018.

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When Forms Committees Fail, Anarchy Ensues

By Clayton Homme on Dec 18, 2018

Every patient form used for every patient interaction is maintained by a hospital’s Forms Committee, which is usually “lorded” over by the director of health information management.

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Implement Patient eSignature in These Two Areas ASAP | Part 1 - Registration

By Brandy Taylor on Nov 6, 2018

It’s a given that a patient’s hospital journey starts with a pile of paper in Registration.

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Tablet-enabled Forms Hand-off. Game changer?

By Cody Strate on Aug 14, 2018

I think there are certain terms or expressions in our present day tech lexicon that have become undercut because of overuse. To this point, I give you “game changing.” Especially in the technology sphere, we have a tendency to play the “game-changer” card every time there’s a new app, software upgrade or iPhone release. Abuse of the term has watered down its impact and when something really is a game-changer, we automatically approach it with cynicism.

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