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Ever Been BeanBoozled by an IT Vendor?

By Brett Chalmers on Sep 12, 2017

Have you ever played BeanBoozled by Jelly Belly? I have. Once.* For those unfamiliar with the taste-bud-torturing game, players take turns eating a jelly bean that could either be delicious or horrendous. The only way to discover the flavor is by eating it. And by then it’s too late. Do you know what the game made me think of? Yep, you guessed it—healthcare IT.

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Tips for a Smooth(er) Software Upgrade

By Beth Adams on Jan 5, 2017

A few months ago, we upgraded our accounting and database management (DBMS) software in the administration department. While this experience was not a lovely walk in the park (what software upgrade is?), it was a lot smoother than I had expected. The reason was that the company we went with had a professional services team that rocked!

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