HIMSS is the “big game” of health care IT. The industry trade show happens not too long after the real sporting event, and brings together 45,000 clinicians, vendors and big thinkers from more than 90 countries worldwide.

But once the event wraps, industry professionals are faced with two problems.

People who actually attend HIMSS

Most HIMSS attendees leave the show with a bad case of information overload, not to mention some seriously tired feet and an extra two or three pounds from all those networking dinners.

Once they return home, their challenge is: How to distill everything they learned in the last four days into something digestible they can share with their colleagues who weren’t there.

People who don’t get to attend HIMSS

And, for those who didn’t attend the show, their problem is a little different: How to learn about the new products and trends that had the industry buzzing without spending hours scrolling through social media piecing together highlights of the event.

Fortunately, Access has both groups covered.

Knowing most of health care has a paper problem, we didn’t think it made much sense to hand out or follow up with a bunch of paper fact sheets and marketing materials about our new products.

Instead, we created a virtual HIMSS experience tailored to how our solutions are used at Cerner, Epic and MEDITECH hospitals. The sites are designed to bring you highlights from our real show booth, with videos on:

  • Informed Consent solutions: ICHow Access eliminates the challenges and frustrations clinicians and patients experience from paper Informed Consents.
  • Order-Based Workflow: The new Access solution that automatically generates an Informed Consent based on the order placed inside the EMR.
  • Procedure Content Management Service: Another new Access solution that puts an end to clinicians hand-writing procedural information on paper Informed Consents.
  • Tablets and the Access “hand-off” feature: tabletThe Access solution for easily transferring a patient’s eForms to a tablet or workstation simply by scanning their bar-coded wristband.



In addition, our virtual HIMSS booths have videos on patient questionnaires, government- and back-office forms.

Whether you’re charged with updating peers on the top takeaways from the show or if you took a HIMSS hiatus but still want to know which products had the industry talking, check out the Access virtual HIMSS booths for Cerner, Epic and MEDITECH users.

You’ll feel like you never left the show – or like you were really there.


Cody Strate

Written by Cody Strate

For more than 15 years, Cody has provided sales and marketing leadership with the goal of providing the smoothest, easiest, and most pleasurable customer experience imaginable. Cody is a Forbes Communication Council member and lives in Colorado with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.