How We Helped

  • Intelligent eForms
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Process Automation
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Healthcare—Clinical
  • Healthcare—Administrative

“Access’s web-based forms solution enables multiple people to quickly view, complete and sign electronic consents, which are then sent into our EMR system. This process ensures we have the signed paperwork for each patient, which protects them and reduces our liability risk. Plus, there’s no paper to deal with.”


Automating Workflows To Enhance Service to Patients and Internal Customers

For compliance purposes, CVCH must gather the signatures of the patient, the provider and a witness on an annual consent form. This is now done electronically using Access’s web-based eForms. In the event of an audit or legal proceeding, CVCH could quickly retrieve the eForm with all three signatures, including time and date information that verifies when the consent was signed. Access also simplifies the hospital’s “Helping Hands” workflow, which writes off charges for some patients. A staff member simply retrieves the form online from any device, completes and signs it, and it’s automatically routed to a committee member for review. With a digital trail, the process is more visible and accountable, and decision making is expedited.

CVCH is also using web-based forms in its Human Resources department. Employee termination/change/review forms are sent to multiple people in different departments simultaneously. Each person applies a secure digital signature to show they’ve taken the correct action, such as collecting an employee’s computer equipment. And when new employees join the CVCH team, a similar eForms-driven process ensures they have access to everything they need on their first day.

Quick Facts

Location: Wenatchee, WA
Focus: Speeding patient-centric and business processes, paperless approval workflow, web-based access, compliance
Access Products: Intelligent eForms, Electronic Signatures, Enterprise Integration and Process Automation (Workflow)
Departments: Organization-wide, registration/admissions, HR, financials, clinical areas
Integration: NextGen EMR, ABRA HR system, Microsoft SharePoint

Project Highlights

  • Web-based software enables users to quickly access eForms from anywhere.
  • Users send the eForms to others across the clinic via a secure, paperless workflow.
  • Patients quickly complete eForms and apply eSignatures using Wacom tablets.
  • Helping Hands fund submissions are quickly processed through an electronic workflow.
  • The CEO can see all forms that were submitted, their status, time and date and other information.

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