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  • Intelligent eForms
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Process Automation
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Healthcare—Clinical

“As patients are electronically signing the 44,000 consents we generate each year with Access’s system instead of authorizing hard copies, we’re saving around $200,000 a year just for one form. Ninety-eight percent of patients don’t want the paper copy, so that’s another paper savings.”


Using E-Forms and E-Signatures To Meet Paperless Goals and Save $200,000 a Year on Consents

As Hilo Medical Center progressed through the stages of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model, the hospital looked for new software that would remove paper, improve patient engagement and automate processes. The leadership team realized that while many areas had transitioned from paper-driven to electronic workflows, patient registration still required patients to apply ink-on-paper signatures to hard copies of consents. With HIMSS Stage 7 attestation fast approaching, Hilo looked for a better way forward and selected enterprise forms management software from Access.

Quick Facts

Location: Hilo, HI
Focus: Paperless EHR and consent forms
Access Products: Intelligent eForms, Electronic Signatures, Process Automation and Enterprise Integration
Departments: Emergency, registration, HIM
Integration: MEDITECH

Project Highlights

  • Replacing paper consent with electronic version saves $200,000+ annually.
  • Fast, automated process speeds admissions and care delivery.
  • eSignatures help Hilo successfully attest for Stage 7.
  • Clinicians and patients apply eSignatures at the same time, enforcing standards.
  • Completed consents are sent directly into the EHR with no user intervention.

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