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  • Intelligent eForms
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Process Automation
  • Healthcare—Administrative

“The Access solution is so dynamic, simple to use and easy to manage, that I’m sure there are many other processes that we can improve with it.”


Transforming Materials Management Processes and Improving Document Tracking

When Robert Mims joined MMH as director of materials management, the hospital’s IT director told him that the hospital had purchased Access’s web-based forms solution, but had yet to deploy it. He asked Mims if he could find some paper-based forms processes that could be replaced by fast, electronic workflows. It didn’t take Mims long to find multiple use cases, and he prioritized purchase order (PO) supply ordering for his department.

Quick Facts

Location: Montrose, CO 
Focus: Materials management workflow
Access Products: Intelligent eForms, Electronic Signatures and Process Automation 
Departments: Materials management 
Areas: Purchase orders (PO), supply ordering, credit card reconciliation, capital equipment requests 

Project Highlights

  • Supply ordering eForm empowers staff to quickly request products, travel and more online
  • Access web-based eForms and workflow fixed the hospital’s credit card reconciliation process
  • Approvers OK capital requests online from home or anywhere else, keeping cash flow regular
  • Replacing paper with electronic, web-based eForms improves accountability and speeds approval

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