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First-Case Operating Room Delays

Patterns across urban hospitals

Missing Consent Forms in the Preoperative Area

A Single-Center Assessment of the Scope of the Problem and Its Downstream Effects

Optimizing your Operating Room

why large, traditional hospitals don’t work

MEDITECH Demo-on-Demand

View the e-Consent process with MEDITECH

EPIC Demo-on-Demand

View the e-consent process with EPIC

7 Paper Problems with Informed Consents

Discover 7 ways paper informed consents are holding you back and putting you at risk

MEDITECH Remote Demo

Integrated eForms

Epic Remote Demo

Integrated eForms

Impression Demo-on-Demand

Integrated At-Home Pre-Registration & Patient eSignature

Access eForms Customer Stories

Hear what Customers are saying about Access

Cerner Forms Suite Demo-on-Demand

Paperless Clinical Consent Solutions for the Bed-Side

Optimizing Your EMR

3 Steps to a Paperless Hospital

Paper Informed consents

How they sabotage your surgical services economy

How to improve your hospitals HCAHPS scores

a simple guide to improving patient satisfaction

5 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in the Surgical Suite

a simple guide

Electronic Patient Signature Buyers Guide

Your guide to understanding what to look for when evaluating e-signature solutions

The Legal Risks of Paper Informed Consents

Surgeons and Hospitals in the firing line

eSignature for Informed Consent

It's a numbers game

Cooper University Healthcare

4.5 Million Pieces of paper saved + Epic Informed Consents

Access and Halifax Health

Boosting Clinician and patient satisfaction

Calculate What Paper Informed Consents Cost Your Hospital


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