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The only healthcare specific patient eSignature platform built to cover all eSignature needs inside and outside of your hospital.

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Download the Access eSignature Platform quick-factsheet for Health Information Management to learn about the key impact areas including paper reduction, ROI, details about our integrated partnerships, links to demo's on-demand, ebooks and more...

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Your Complete Patient eSignature Platform

Health Information Management (HIM) is often responsible for all forms across the entire enterprise, ensuring that documents are completed without error or deficiencies and accurately placed in the correct location within the correct patient’s electronic chart. Managing these responsibilities across paper-based forms is challenging, to say the least. With Access, you have a patient eSignature platform that converts all paper consents across every department into EHR-integrated paperless solutions.

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Bye Bye Lost & Incomplete Forms

Lost and incomplete forms cause a host of issues within HIM and they can increase a hospital’s legal risk exposure. With the Access patient eSignature platform, hospitals can track forms in real-time, and our form completion business rules ensure that forms don’t arrive with incomplete information. Electronically signed consents are then automatically filled in the correct location within the appropriate patient’s electronic record.

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Centralized Form Management & Version Control

More often than not, the HIM Director is also the Chair of the Forms Committee. Ensuring that your clinicians are using the most recent versions of forms across your single or multi-hospital system is a tremendous challenge. With the Access patient eSignature platform, you can instantly roll out new versions of forms and prevent users from being able to access the older forms. This ensures compliance and saves you from form version control hassles.

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Seamless EHR Integration for User Adoption

How many times has the promise of a great technology solution gone unfulfilled because users refused to adopt the solution? We know this struggle, which is why we’ve built our solutions to seamlessly integrate within the Epic/Cerner/MEDITECH experience of your users. By placing our eSignature solutions right at their fingertips, they readily adopt the paperless benefits you’re aiming for.

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Patient Experience & Your Hospital's Reputation

Any interaction your patients have with your hospital’s systems, people, and infrastructure influences their perception of your brand, which in turn impacts your hospital’s reputation. Our patient eSignature platform provides an intuitive technology experience for your patients that makes their lives easier, which in turn boosts both your brand and your reputation.
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We Make Happy Doctors & Nurses

Our eSignature solutions are developed with the experience of doctors and nurses in mind. Our goal is simple: to give your doctors and nurses an eSignature solution that’s easy to use, solves their problems, and allows them to focus more on patient care. We’ve found this to be a straightforward approach in helping you increase the job satisfaction of your doctors and nurses.

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Hospitals require patient signatures on a variety of complex forms across multiple departments. Access provides the best and most comprehensive healthcare-focused eSignature platform in order to meet the unique needs of hospitals, including remote eSignature capabilities for services such as telehealth, pre-registration, and contactless check-in.



Access eSignature platform gives you the most efficient and effective technology tools, whether you need to capture a patient’s signature on an eConsent or you require additional functionality in the way of physician signature capture, data capture, rules-based data validation, rules-based workflows, or data integration with other systems.



Access is the only partner you need to address any patient electronic signature need across the entirety of your healthcare ecosystem. We believe technology is important, but so are relationships. With Access, you get a single point of contact that gets to know you, your team, and your hospital. Working with people you know and trust will allow you to get things done faster and more effectively.

Your Single Patient eSignature Solution For the Entire Enterprise

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The Access Passport solution is the best tablet-enabled eConsent solution, period.
Tom Stafford
Halifax Health | CIO
Access Passport removes the paper chase we used to have with procedural consents and makes it easier for us to obtain patient and physician signatures simultaneously at the bedside, which helps with compliance.
Kris Wilson
Kris Wilson
Hilo Medical Center | CIO
As CIO, I don’t typically rip out systems and replace them. I prefer to optimize what we have. But bringing in Access is a win for us because it allows us to upgrade our forms management technology, gives us the electronic patient signature functionality we need, and helps us get rid of paper hospital wide.
Sheri Rawlings
Sheri Rawlings
San Juan Regional Medical Center | CIO
There used to be patients who had difficulty signing consent forms. Now we’re using Access eSignatures, it doesn’t matter whether they’re lying down or sitting up, what angle they’re at, they’re able to easily sign on the signature pad.
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Cynthia Salas
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital | Patient Access Services