It's a "Paper-gap" Problem

EHRs provide a tremendous amount of utility to your organization, but they have their limitations - especially when it comes to interacting with patients.  Generally, these "limitations" introduce what we call "paper-gaps" which can exist with a number of different processes across a number of departments.

Paper-gaps can be very difficult for IT to close, in a consistent way across these various processes and departments. 

Niche solutions can be applied to specific processes, but this can be an implementation and support nightmare for Information Technology.  Also, these niche solutions often require the clinician to leave their EHR experience.

None of this is good.

Access helps Information Technology to close paper-gaps with EHR integrated solutions.

Access is Your Paperless Partner and Solution

We provide IT professionals with enterprise-class eForms and eSignature technology tools that convert any paper-based process across any department, into an intuitive and tablet-enabled paperless solution.  Our solutions are built to integrate into your EHR system which greatly improves end-user adoption and workflow efficiency.  

As an IT professional you have enough going on.  Look to Access eForms to help eliminate paper across your enterprise.  Enable your end-users with EHR integrated solutions that help them perform better, improve the quality of patient care, and boost patient satisfaction.


Tablet eConsents Made Easy

We know that a technology solution only can be successful if end-users adopt it.  With that in mind, we make it easy for your clinicians to transfer eConsents from your EHR system to a tablet.  Then we make it easy for your patients to electronically sign the eConsents.  Keeping things nice n' easy is what Access is about.


See the Solution in Action...

Have a quick look at our solution with our demo-on-demand.  Then, when you're ready to talk about how we can solve your paper troubles, just reach out to us.

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Tools to Make Life Easier

You and your end-users have enough complications. 

Our approach is simple.  We provide you with straightforward and easy to manage EHR integrated technology that improves the lives of your end-users.

Easily Create and Manage EHR Integrated Forms

Our form design tool gives you the ability to create and edit EHR integrated forms.  No need to bang your head against the wall with HTML5 coding.  Our WYSIWYG design tool is simple and straightforward.

Automated Form Selection

Our business rules engine automatically selects the forms  your patients need to eSign.

EHR Integration

We designed our solutions to seamlessly integrate into your EHR system.  It's all about keeping your users inside their EHR experience.

LCD's or Tablets? The Choice is Yours.

We designed our eSignature solutions to work with both LCD's and tablets (ex. iPads).  In some situations, an LCD device is best for capturing patient eSignatures.  But when it comes to the bed-side, eSignature capture on tablets work best.  Access gives you the flexibility to choose which eSignature devices are best for your situation.

Rapid Implementation

We've converted hundreds of hospitals to paperless processes, and we know how to get you there, too.  Our services include a rapid implementation pathway to get you to "paperless" fast.


Our Three-Step eConsent Process

Step 1 | Shape

Our solutions use business rules to automatically select the forms your patients need to electronically sign.  The forms are then staged for your Registration Clerks to present to the patients.

Step 2 | Sign

An LCD device or a tablet (ex. iPad) is used to present the eForms to the patient for electronic signature capture.

Step 3 | Send

Once the form is electronically signed it's automatically sent to the patient's chart for storage and archival.  Lost forms are a thing of the past!


Explore by EHR

EHR integration is critical.  Your end-users need an eConsent and eForms vendor that keeps them inside their EHR experience as much as possible.  Our goal at Access is to be so cleanly integrated into your user's EHR experience that they never know they're using something other than EHR for eConsents and eForms.  Click on any of the below to see how we do that.

Prelude, ClinDoc, Radiant, OpTime, and more.  We've got you covered with smooth Epic integration.

Our longstanding partnership with MEDITECH is deep and rich.  Through our joint development we create meaningful integrated solutions.  By the way, MEDITECH is an Access customer too! (CLICK HERE)

Our Cerner integration keeps your users inside their Cerner experience.  If you go to the Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC) you'll find Access there.

An integrated partnership directly with your EHR provider sure is helpful, and that's exactly what we have with athenahealth.  Check  out Access on the marketplace. (CLICK HERE


A Business Case your CFO will appreciate

It's one thing to want an eForms and eConsent solution to solve your paper problems. It's another thing to convince your leadership that it's good business move, too.  We've done the heavy lifting for you to help you present a solid business case your CFO and other executives will appreciate.

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Begin your paperless journey today

We know what success looks like when it comes to eConsents.  Access is here to help you achieve your paperless goals.


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